Friday, September 9, 2011

Reacquainting With Portsmouth and UNH

Hello!  If you are catching up on my posts about my trip to NH, you can read the first two here and here

On Sunday, Jen's two little boys were visiting relatives so we had the day to ourselves to hang out.  We decided to do one of my favorite things when visiting NH; go to Portsmouth!  I love Portsmouth.  There are great little restaurants and shops and it's right on the water.  It's pretty gorgeous.

It's also not bad in the "dog friendly" department.  I researched it a bit ahead of time and decided we could bring Clyde.

We headed to lunch first, at a little place called Me and Ollie's

Clyde seemed to like it.

Or it could have just been that he liked the idea of my turkey and havarti panini with potato salad on the side.

Don't worry, he scored a couple bites.

After lunch we headed towards Prescott Park.  I think I've been here on most of my Portsmouth visits, but it's always a beautiful site to see.

Isn't it beautiful?  You can see the water/boats in the distance in that last picture.  I love it.

I'll admit, I was hoping to experience some fall weather while up in New England, but it was actually a hot day in Portsmouth.  I think the temps were in the upper 80s.  Not that different from Charlotte!

After our park visit, we walked to this area near the water with some more shops and restaurants. 

We had some fun in Macro Polo, which is dog friendly.

It's one of those stores with all kinds of fun and funny things to see and play with.

I got my friend Gibson one of these Rate-A-Date notepads for his birthday.

He's back on the dating scene so I thought it was pretty funny :)

We headed to a Portsmouth institution, Annabelle's Ice Cream, after our adventure in Macro Polo.

Annabelle's is also dog friendly- WIN!  They even gave Clyde his own little cup of vanilla ice cream. 
He loved it.

Mom, I can't look at the camera, I'm absorbed in my ice cream right now, k?
I had the pistacio ice cream, which was not green.  Jen had black raspberry with hot fudge.

They know how to make good ice cream at Annabelle's!

Once we had wrapped up our time in Portsmouth, we decided to take a ride over to Durham, which is where University of New Hampshire is located.  Jen and I both went to college there, but I actually transferred my junior year to Ohio State for a change of scenery.  I still have a lot of fond memories of my time at UNH though.

We strolled around the campus, past "T-hall".

Then past Jen's old dorm. She actually went inside to take a peak!
I waited outside with Clyde.

We walked up to Madbury Road, which is where most of the Greek houses are. 
I was a Kappa Delta in college.  Here's my old house!

Here's Clyde and I in front of it!

Just for fun, here's a couple old sorority pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Homecoming.  I think the long sub bun is from Carl's lunch truck.

Some sorority formal.

I think I made the right decision in growing my bangs out... haha!

It was a nice nostalgic trip to the campus.  We went back to Jen's house for dinner and she cooked baked stuffed shrimp, squash casserole, and salad.


We watched The Dilemma before heading to bed.  It was actually pretty funny.

It was a really great day in NH.  Portsmouth and UNH both brought back a lot of memories.  I haven't been to either place in quite a while.  At one point while we were walking through the campus, Jen and I wondered out loud if we were passing for students.  We kind of looked each other up and down and decided, no, probably not!  We're old now!! 

Have you been back to your college/university?


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

Portsmouth looks like my kind of place! I haven't been back to Quinnipiac in a few years, but the last time I was there, it was so strange to be back! I am glad that you liked The Dilemma because I have been wanting to see it. I love Vince and Kevin.

The Friendly Skies said...

OMG This is so great to see because we are moving in November to the Boston area and are actually looking for apartments around Portsmouth!!!! :) I might have to hit you up for some tips.

Looks like you had a fun time and I love how dog friendly it is! :)

Cassie said...

I love how dog friendly Portsmouth is, and Prescott Park is so lovely. I really enjoy all the flowers.

UNH has changed so much in the few short years since I've graduated! It's hard to believe!!

So glad you had such a nice visit, New Hampshire is wonderful, and I love it here!!!

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