Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ok, I'm just going to say it. It doesn't feel like Christmas to me right now. I think it's partly that I already had Christmas with my brother, parents, and our spouses a couple weeks ago. That was the "BIG" Christmas for me this year, so tomorrow just feels kind of anti-climactic. I tried for the last two weeks to keep the Christmas momentum going. I watched Christmas movies, baked lots of cookies, and even wore red and green a lot. But it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me that much anymore this season. I'm having trouble keeping the excited feeling going. Maybe it's also because I didn't take a lot of time off around Christmas this year. I am taking Monday (the 28th) off so I can stay in Hilton Head an extra day, but other than that I'm working right up til the last minute.
Greg also doesn't seem that into it. We didn't do overly elaborate gifts for each other this year, which is fine. Neither of us need much and we'd rather save the money. Yesterday I was talking about the plan for this weekend and he was like "When is Christmas again?" SERIOUSLY?? That's my Greg... He hasn't gotten my stocking stuffers yet and I told him he better get on it. I don't think Greg's family really did much with stockings when he was growing up because I had to teach him of the importance of filling the stocking when we got together. I don't even care if my stocking has cans of soup wrapped up, I just like some stuff in there. You know?!
It's probably also the underlying sad frustration I carry with me all the time now due to Greg's furlough. Several people I know have babies that they are having their first Christmas with this year. I wish we were experiencing that. I feel like Christmas will have a renewed magic when we have kids. It just feels kind of dull right now with just us, still waiting out the furlough, and half a day to be together since Greg is working tomorrow. I'm glad I get to spend Christmas morning with him at all, as we've had years when we weren't together for Christmas, but it still feels lack luster.
I'm going to see A Christmas Carol with some friends later today. Maybe that will help put me in a more Christmasy mood.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


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