Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No more baking!

Ok, so I THINK the Christmas cookie baking is over. I love baking Christmas cookies (and eating them!). It's one of the things that most gets me in the Christmas mood. I've always liked and been pretty good at baking. At early age I was much more interested in baking than cooking regular food. I don't think I really got into cooking other food (aside from mac and cheese) til I was in college, and then it was mainly because I wasn't eating at home or at the dining hall anymore, so it was up to me to learn how to cook if I wanted to eat anything but prepared food. I usually give out a lot of cookies as gifts at Christmas. This year it felt like I just kept baking and baking, and was never really sure I had enough. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's like that every year, but it felt particularly exhausting this year. Last night I made a batch of raspberry chocolate pinwheels, which are similar to the orange chocolate ones, but with raspberry flavor instead. I also made my first ever batch of peanut butter chocolate fudge. It came out good and was relatively easy to make. I think I'm done now though. I packaged up the cookies and fudge in Christmas bags and brought them into work to give out today. Who knows, maybe I'll make one more batch before I head to my parents' this weekend!


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