Tuesday, December 15, 2009

furloughed pilot blogs?

It's hard to find any blogs written by furloughed pilots or furloughed pilot's wives. That was my main reason for starting this one. I continually search for other people going through this, but really haven't found much. I hope that if there are other pilot families going through furlough, they may find this blog. Maybe it will give them some comfort. Maybe they will reach out to me and share their experience.
I found this site today... It's written by a furloughed corporate pilot who has been furloughed about the same amount of time as Greg. Interesting.
I know most of my followers are other pilots wives. I hope my blog isn't too depressing (sorry!). I feel like before the furlough I didn't have the perspective I have now. I was coasting along seemingly unaware that the bottom could drop out from under us. I wished I'd prepared myself for it better.
I just want to capture the emotions that both pilot and spouse go through during furlough. The lows, the stress, the ups and downs of good news and bad, etc...


Joanna said...

Don't worry about sounding depressing...I find that I mostly blog about down times too. I think that when life is good there isn't really a need to write, but when life is bad blogging is a way to get emotions out.

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