Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In other news...

Greg heard that Continental has a system bid coming out in the next couple weeks. He said then the company will show what planes/positions/hubs they have available and how many in each place, and then everyone will bid for what hub/plane/seat they want. We're hoping this will give us some idea of what is happening at CAL and when/if Greg will get called back. Or at least we might see that it looks totally hopeless based on the projected plan for 2010, and we can assume he's not getting called back. It probably won't change much for us, but it's still helpful to have SOME information rather than none.
It's looking like Regional hiring may be picking up. We've heard that a bunch of Regionals are calling back their furloughs and may start hiring soon. That could work out for Greg... The only thing is that then he may have to make a choice between staying at CAL and going to a Regional, which he feels most are unstable in the long run. He'd most likely have to officially resign from CAL in order to go to another airline, which has been an issue ever since furlough. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it if the decision has to be made.
Oh- an update on the dog situation. Apparently having Rascal for the weekend actually worked to my advantage. Greg did some thinking after spending a weekend taking care of a dog and agreed with me that he isn't sure he wants one just yet either. He realized the work that went into taking care of Rascal. I think he also got scared about how the house could get torn up if we were house training a puppy. As much as it was fun to play with a dog, we will hold off for now. I'm glad he's on the same page with me about it now. So to those of you looking to break the dog desires of your significant other- borrow one for the weekend and see if they still want one after! Haha!
I miss Greg on this schedule he's on. He's working evenings and I go to work when he's still asleep and he gets home after I've gone to sleep so we don't see each other much on days he's working. Lately I've been stopping by the hotel on my way home hoping to see him for a few minutes. Last night I did. I don't want to bother him while he's working, but I think he likes seeing me, and I'm always tempted to stop in since his hotel is on my way home, so I usually end up stopping by to say hi.
I decided on a plan for this weekend for Christmas. It's been a debacle because my parents have been to our house twice in the last month or so (for Thanksgiving and when my bro was here), so it's really my turn to go there. I'm going to stay home Christmas Eve and have Christmas morning with Greg before he goes to work and then leave for my parents' after we do our Christmas. I think it's important that I spend part of Christmas with Greg so we can do our presents and have breakfast together before he works. I'll spend the rest of the weekend hanging out with my parents. If I stayed in Charlotte for the weekend I wouldn't have much time to spend with Greg because he's working all weekend anyway. I haven't been down to Hilton Head in a while, and I'm itching to go. I think it'll be a good weekend. I wish Greg could come, but at least he was off the last two weekends with me and I'll still do Christmas morning with him and make him his favorite blueberry pancakes for him :)


Joanna said...

from you blog, I casually mentioned to my husband "oh, I heard the perm bid is coming out soon" and he looked at my in total shock and said "how do you know that?!" You are my inside scoop source now :)

I hope the bid gives you guys hope!!!

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