Friday, December 4, 2009

Wicked Cool

The week has actually gone by pretty fast. A bunch of times yesterday I was thinking it was Wednesday when it was actually Thursday. It's always a good thing when it's later in the work week than you think it is!
I convinced Sarah to come to running group with me last night and figured we could stay together (in the dark) and do it at our own pace. It was a good run, I'm glad I went. I'm still feeling like I need to work off some of the crap I ate Thanksgiving weekend so any time I can get my butt in gear and work out that's good. After the run we gathered to have our beer we got to talking to a couple guys in the running group and I heard one say "University of New Hampshire". I immediately jumped in and asked if he went there and he did! He grew up in Peterborough and was at UNH til 1998, so we were actually there at the same time for about 2 years. Pretty funny! We talked a bunch about UNH specific things like the Greek life, dorms, UNH hockey games and how every time we hear the song "Black Betty" we picture the giant bass being thrown on the ice (that's what UNH does after they score their first goal at every game). He asked me if I still say "wicked" and I confirmed that I do, and had in fact used it several times during the day yesterday. It's an adjective used to amp up another adjective. For example you can say something is "cool", or you can say it is "wicked cool" and it is that much cooler. He said his sister also uses the term "wicked wicked". That was a new use to me, but I may have to incorporate that into my vocab. As if I need anymore crap for using the term wicked. It was a fun nostalgic talk. I love New Hampshire people. They're hard to find down here!
Greg's been working evening shift all week with no evenings off this week. It's been hard for us to see each other and communicate much. If I call him from work in the morning he's usually still sleeping because he sleeps very very late. I warned him about the possibility of this happening because I worked evening shift when I was in police work and know how the schedule ends up taking over. It's a great shift in terms of sleep because you can go to bed late and sleep late, which is perfect for Greg because that's his preferred sleep schedule anyway. But I think it's very difficult to get anything done when you're on that shift, because you tend to come home late still kinda wired and stay up really late til you wind down, then you sleep very late the next day, thus creating a pattern of nothing much but work and sleep and really accomplishing almost nothing else. I can see that this has already happened to Greg. The honey-do lists sit So anyway, I can't call him in the morning because he's still sleeping but if I wait to call him early in the afternoon he usually seems like he's already flustered and getting ready for work and doesn't have much time to talk. He can't use his phone while he's working unless he's on a break, so the only time I really talk to him is when he calls me during his break at work, but we usually can't talk that long then either. I'm already asleep when he gets home and he's still sleeping when I go to work. We give each other hugs and kisses hello and goodbye, but that's about it for interaction. Last night after running I decided to stop in at the hotel on my way home from work and say hi. He was down the street at McDonalds making a snack run for some of the desk people and brought me a hot fudge sundae. We sat in my car and talked and ate the sundae. It was nice to have a little time with him squeezed in. I will have Saturday and Sunday morning with him and then he's got a couple week nights off next week. I look forward to that time with him.
Tonight I'm going Christmas shopping with a couple friends and to dinner.


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