Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on Saturday's news

Greg confirmed that the rumor he heard is true. Continental is selling the planes to the Russian company. He pulled up a website that shows plane transactions and it shows that the sale has already occurred. Some planes are probably still in the fleet but they will be headed to Russia eventually. Greg showed me the Continental projected business plan for 2010, which came out in October, and it shows those 31 planes on it, plus getting 9 new planes. This is a big deal because 31 planes translates to about 200 pilots to operate. Not only does it look like Greg won't be recalled, but they may furlough more pilots. It makes me really mad that they didn't inform the pilots of this. We are holding out tremendous amounts of hope that Greg will be called back and they are sitting on information that we need in order to figure out how to proceed with our lives. Greg knew that Continental was looking to sell the planes to this Russian company a while back but the financing had fallen through, so he had thought Continental had reconsidered and wasn't expecting the deal to be revisited.
It's just frustrating. Yet another blow. I just wish Greg could get some good news. He's such a great pilot. It's a tradgedy that he's not able to do what he loves and excels at.


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