Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost Routines

So, I still haven't had a successful run since the marathon.  I'm not really sweating it, because my marathoner friends tell me this is normal and it's only been about a week and a half.  I have no races on the agenda, and I know my has been body craving a break from running.  Still, a part of me wants to run again.  It's been such a big part of my life in the past year, it really feels weird not to run.  My second run attempt since the marathon was Monday while walking Clyde and it became obvious it wasn't happening.  Clyde was a little ball of energy and I started to "jog" with him and then felt all kinds of random aches and pains in assorted places in my legs.  I opted to walk instead.

I have to say, especially blog wise, I feel like I've kind of lost my muse.  I know I enjoy following marathon journeys on blogs as I'm sure a lot of you enjoyed following mine.  It's hard to know what else to share now that the marathon is over when that was sort of the "big event" in my life for a while.

While I do kind of miss running, I have channeled a lot of my running energy into yoga and love that I am rediscovering my love for it.  I have 22 classes paid for at my new studio and am looking forward to all of them.  I am always so tight and inflexible and really hope to change that.  Plus, it's just such a good combination of a workout and relaxation that I always leave feeling good.

I went to an hour and a half power flow class last night (with Jen) and it was tough, but awesome.  I tried doing a handstand against a wall and kind of crashed and burned, but at least I tried! 

Before I went to yoga I assembled this turkey sandwich on a croissant.

It had cheese, avocado, cilantro, and tomato on it and was yummy pre-yoga food.

Later after yoga I had a bowl of banana/peanut butter soft serve with chocolate sauce drizzled on it.   Nom nom :)

Ok, dog people, I have a situation to ask you about.  The weekend of my marathon I took Clyde to his doggie daycare for the weekend, since Greg and I would both be away and we needed a place for him to go.  He'd been a couple times before and once was overnight for one night, but this was definitely the longest he's been there.  All the other times went well- happy dog, happy people at doggie daycare, happy doggie parents.  We felt like we finally had a good place for him to go on the rare occasion we need to board him. 

Well, this time didn't go as well.  All seemed relatively normal when I picked him up that Sunday.  He smelled "like he'd been out of the nest" as my mom would say, so I bathed him when we got home, but by all accounts we went back to normal with our routine.  Until Tuesday.  He um, did #2 in the house!  He's been potty trained for at least 6 months now, so it came as sort of a shock to me, but I figured he may be off his routine from three days at daycare and kind of let it slide the ONE time.  A couple days go by and he did it AGAIN on Friday!  Again, I'm horrified, clean it up, yell at him, crate him for the day (it happened before I went to work), and try to be strict about his routine and taking him out often so he gets the message.  I'm thinking that's it.  Then he did it AGAIN yesterday!  It's weird!  I just don't know why he's so thrown from his routine.  Have you guys ever had this situation from boarding your dog?  I really like the place we take him to, but now I'm thinking we'll never be able to board him for a weekend again if we're going to have to RE-potty train him every time he goes there.  Ugh... frustrating!  I welcome your thoughts, feedback, stories, etc...


Anonymous said...

Hi Brittney! I love reading your blog, I have two dachshunds! I think Clyde may be 'mad' at you for leaving him and getting back at you! ha ha! Sometimes my doxies will do that if we leave them for a period of time. But usually we can leave them with my parents with no problems, but last time my older doxie got mad at me for leaving him and left me nice presents too! I'm sure Clyde will get back to his routine soon! He is so adorable! Oh by the way, I made your black bean soup and it was so good! Thanks, Laurie

Amanda said...

Reddick had the same "series of events" after we left him alone for the first time for 8 hours. Is he going to the bathroom in the same place? If so, it's probably a behavior thing. Have you talked to the kennel about his behavior while he was boarded? With Reddick, he did it twice, two nights in a row, same spot...but I noticed it didn't "look" normal, so I took him to the vet and it was actually something with his stomach. If he keeps doing it and other things seem weird, it wouldn't hurt taking him to the vet.

Monique said...

So I've never boarded Woodstock, but with me not working, he's had free reign of the house and backyard. I had my first subbing assignment last week and crated him for 6-7 hours. He was fine in the crate, but the weekend after he had three accidents too! I'm not sure what's wrong with him, because he, too, has been potty trained for about six months now. Maybe it's just something he wasn't used to, so he regressed a little? I'm sure if you give it a few more days (me too, fingers crossed) he'll go back to normal!

Tanya Kummerow said...

I feel so similar about post-marathon lack of blog inspiration! I haven't been very excited to write and I don't feel like I have a lot to say. I definitely need some inspiration!

Kelly said...

You've already heard my two cents about the Clyde issue. I'm sorry your runs aren't going well. Maybe you're body is just craving rest and a different type of exercise. Have you tried letting someone spot you when you do the handstand?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a dog person, but my cat, Bailey, pees in the house sometimes when we leave him for long periods of time (with the neighbors feeding him of course). It ticks me right off (cat pee is so hard to get out) but I understand why he's doing it. He's mad at us for leaving him-so is Clyde, I bet. Hope he gets over it soon. -Jen T.

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