Thursday, January 6, 2011


The rest of our trip to Houston went smoothly.  It was another long afternoon/evening in the car on Sunday after leaving New Orleans (about another 6 hours), but I had great company, so I didn't mind ;) 

I am definitely glad I was there to share the driving with Greg, I would not have wanted him to drive that entire way by himself.

Greg had one thing in mind for dinner in Houston- Taco Cabana.  He's been raving about how this is the greatest Mexican fast food chain ever created since his last stint in Houston.  I've lost count of how many times he's said, "Babe, have I mentioned they have MARGARITAS at Taco Cabana???" or "They have a topping bar with THREE kinds of salsa.  It's AWESOME!"  Funny how he can get so excited over the weirdest things...  I'm not like that at all...*cough*.

On our way to Houston, while I drove, Greg started searching for the nearest Taco Cabana location and next thing I know he was all upset because he didn't think there was one near where we were going.  They all appeared to be pretty far away on the other side of Houston.  We were brain storming other ideas for dinner, when I caught a glimpse of a billboard for none other than Taco Cabana, and we were close!  He was totally excited!  What a good wife I am.

I opted for a chicken burrito with a side of chips and salsa.  My opinion?  It didn't hold a candle to Chipotle.  It wasn't terrible, but I wasn't excited over it the way Greg was.  My hubby was in heaven with his tacos though, and it was worth it just to see him get all worked up.

We got in to Houston late and Greg got checked in to his hotel and got all set for class on Monday before we headed to bed.  In the morning, he left for training before I needed to get up and get ready for my flight back to Charlotte.  I laid in bed while he got ready and then when it was time to go he came over and kissed Clyde and I goodbye.  I have to say, as a pilot's wife, I'm used to goodbyes.  I'm even used to weeks apart since we've been through him going training so many times before, but in my early morning sleepy state, I got very teary saying goodbye to my husband.  I really didn't want him to leave the hotel, and I didn't want to leave Houston without him.  It was really hard this time after spending the entire weekend together.  I'm going to miss him a lot this next month or so.  We think he'll be coming home sometime in the middle for a weekend, but it depends on how busy he is.

Clyde and I caught the hotel shuttle to the airport, went through security, and waited for our flight in the terminal.  Last week I had gone shopping for a new pet carrier for Clyde as he'd chewed the zipper on his old one and it was obvious it wasn't going to work for a flight, since I couldn't close it.  I ended up finding this backpack style one at Ross, and for cheap!  

Clyde was a really good boy.  He was slightly antsy in the terminal but didn't make any noise and just really wanted to look around at all the people and see what was going on.  A lot of people were interested in him too and came over to say hi :).  We eventually boarded our plane and he curled up in his backpack under the seat, again not making any noise.  I was very proud of my pup!

The logistics of travelling with Clyde definitely make things more complicated, but I was happy to have him with us on this trip.  I know it meant a lot to Greg to have him with us so he got to spend a little longer with him, and it really wasn't that bad working around having him there. 

It was a great road trip and I'm glad I went with Greg to see more of the country and spend quality time together. 

Have you taken any trips with your significant other lately?


Kelly said...

Haha! As soon as I started reading about how Greg loved this taco chain I thought, "Has Greg been to Chipotle?" :)

Runblondie26 said...

He fits under the seat. That seals the deal. If we ever get a dog it will certainly be a mini-dachs.

Glad the trip home was easy- minus the goodbyes. Ya'll been waiting a long time for this! The time will go fast.

Is it this weekend that you run your marathon?

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

I had to laugh at Taco Cabana - we had friends in Houston and stayed with them and it was some crazy weird must-do thing when we got there. Anyway, recently the hubs and I had to go to Mount Magazine (in AR) for a wedding. Not a big vacation, but a quick getaway.

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