Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Solitary Weekend

It's been kind of a lazy, isolated weekend for me.  To be completely honest, I've been a little down.  Between my stupid hip-flexor sidelining me from my training, to Greg being gone, to having to face taking down all my Christmas stuff alone, it was just kind of a downer.  It also seemed that most of my friends had stuff going on this weekend, so I really had nothing social to distract me.

The good news is I got some things done.

As I mentioned, I took down the tree and put away all the ornaments and decorations.

Putting Christmas stuff away isn't quite as fun as getting it all out...

Clyde lounged while I did all the work.  Lucky dog.

After we got that done, I decided it was time to get some exercise. 
First I wanted a snck and decided to try out my new apple contraption.

My apple was a little uneven and I ran into a little trouble...

But I made it work...

I had it with some PB for protein.

It was kind of a cold day, but I bundled up and took Clyde for a long walk.

This is my "I would rather be running" face.

I was determined to get my legs moving in some way, even if I had to hold back on running.

Clyde was good company and pretty much sprinted the whole way.

Being the running dork I am, I still strapped on the Garmin and kept track of our time and distance.  We did 3.43 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes.  I'll take it.  I felt great to be out there even if I wasn't doing my 8 mile run.

I had a late lunch of nachos.  Exciting, I know.

And later I had this for a snack.

Banana, raspberry softserve with dark chocolate chunks and some chocolate syrup on top.  MMMM :)

I had this while watching Inception.

It was a weird movie, but good.

Dinner was pasta with veggie crumble "meat" sauce.

And a Magic Hat brew.

Greg and I Skyped for a while, and then I called it a night.

Today was pretty uneventful as well.  I did an ab workout in the morning, made a calendar on Snapfish (I had a Groupon to use), went to the grocery store, and watched some movies.  I'd planned on meeting a friend in the afternoon, but she had to cancel :(

I watched Spirit of A Marathon, after hearing about it on many other blogs. 

It was really, really good.  I loved that the movie follows marathoners that are all so different.  Some of the elites, first timers, and people trying to qualify for Boston.  It was inspiring, yet sort of frightening.  I definitely cringed as one guy had to drop out of running the marathon when he got a knee injury.  Luckily my injury doesn't seem to be a deal breaker and I believe that the rest is helping.  I was excited, but I also questioned my training and wondered if my endurance has been compromised.  Have I done enough?? 

I guess I won't know til next weekend.

Congrats to all my friends who ran in the Disney half and full marathon this weekend!  You guys are an inspiration :)


Tanya Kummerow said...

I hope your leg recovers 100%! I would really love to meet up for coffee or something either this week or maybe after our marathons to share horror stories--I mean success stories!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm the only person who didn't watch Inception this wknd, did it just come out or something?

I had an uneventful wknd as well but it was nice for a change. I finally got around to cleaning and just like Clyde, Lincoln sat there watching me. Oh to have his life!

Now just waiting on the snow, I am hoping it actually comes so I won't have to go into work tomorrow--fingers crossed!

PS--Nachos look fab!

Natalia said...

I love my apple slicer! The first time I tried it my apple was uneven so naturally I kept practicing until I perfected it and forced my family to all of the apples :)

Inception was definitely a strange movie, I think I need to re-watch it to understand everything that happened.

Jen said...

I'm sorry that you're feeling down about your injury. It's totally normal. I was in tears for days when I injured my hamstring last fall.

Glad you were able to bundle up and get out with Clyde.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I looked for you at work today...well online. You had a snow day you lucky!!! I'm sorry you are down :( Hang in there, and most important try to have fun this weekend. I need to have more fun at races. They are always fun after!!!
BTW, I wore my Garmin at Disney. We walked 12 miles in one day!
Hope to see you soon!

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