Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stellar Sunday

I'm a little behind on posts here...  Ok, where were we?  Oh yeah I guess I left off with, Sunday!  Oh how I wish it were still Sunday, but alas, it's Tuesday.  Meh...

Anyway, on Sunday I convinced Greg to put down his books and be social and we met Kelly and our other friends Tim and Sarah at Crepe Cellar for lunch.

I've been to Crepe Cellar a couple other times and I think Kelly has been with me all of them.  It's one of her favorite places in Charlotte, and I have to concur with Kelly.  The food is sooooo good :)  I got a Living Social deal there a while back and was really itching to use it, so this was the perfect opportunity.  This was Greg's first time at Crepe Cellar and actually, his first time in NoDa a cute area on the north side of Charlotte.  Even though we've lived in Charlotte about 4 1/2 years now, he misses a lot of the fun because of his career, so there's still a bunch of stuff in Charlotte that Greg hasn't seen and done.  Or eaten at!

We were a little early, and Kelly was pretty much on time, but Sarah and Tim were a little late.  
To kill time we ordered pesto fries after Kelly mentioned how good they are.

And they were awesome...

For my meal I really wanted a crepe.  I'm definitely a "when in Rome" kinda girl a lot of the time.  If I'm at a place where a certain food is actually in the name of the restaurant, I'm going to try to order that food, as it's basically screaming out to me that it's their specialty.  I've actually had crepes every time I've been to Crepe Cellar, but it's not like I ever eat them anywhere else, so I still wanted them again this time.  
I ordered the spinach/mushroom crepes.

My hubby is not one of those people who loves to share food, but luckily Kelly was flying solo and jumped at the chance to share two different crepes with me.  She ordered a ham and Gruyere crepe and we split them :)

I also had bacon as my side.

It was a great meal and the company was also wonderful.  Sarah and I always comment about how we think Tim and Greg are a lot alike, so it was fun to get us together for some food and conversation.

After lunch, Greg and I headed back home.  We didn't have a lot of time left in the day before I had to take him to the airport so he could head back to Houston for more training.

It was a bummer to see him go, but he's doing well in training and should be finished in a couple weeks.

To finish off the afternoon, I headed to a power yoga class at OM and it was so wonderful.  Back before the blog and before my love of running, I used to regularly go to yoga at my YMCA.  My favorite class was power yoga with Sara, and she is now teaching at OM!  It was so great to be back a yoga class with her.  I feel like her classes are the perfect speed, intensity, etc... for me.  It's cool when you find a teacher that you feel like you fit with.

Well, the week is already underway.  Hope it's a good one of all of you!


alison said...

mmmmmm...bacon! It's the candy of meats :)

Jen said...

I am so excited for you that you have found a great yoga option closer to home. And reconnecting with a teacher you enjoy - awesome!

Kelly said...

Yummm, I love that place. Thanks for inviting me to join you guys for lunch! :)

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