Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Sunshine

Friday night it was fairy warm out, and I couldn't deny that I really wanted to run.  I headed out and did two miles, which I know is not much, but I personally have felt my body needed a gradual reintroduction to running since the marathon.  I'm happy to say that I felt pretty good, even though I had lost speed (haha, assuming I ever had any!).  I didn't want to do too much and also wanted to get in a walk with Clyde before it got dark so I stopped at 2 miles.

Back at the house I felt like a salad for dinner.  I assembed a salad with spinach, romaine, goat cheese, chick peas, tomato, and balsamic.

Then my sweet tooth kicked in and I decided to whip up a batch of Mama Pea's Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls.

Sooooooooooooo good :)

It was a nice relaxing Friday night.

Saturday brought crazy warmth and sunshine. 
I started the day with coffee.  Like my mug?

My friend Melanie sent me this for Christmas.  She shares my weird sense of humor...  :)

I thought I had this great idea- to cook egg with my leftover pasta from the other night.  It looked like quiche and I was excited to try it, but it was a serious breakfast fail.

I ended up with a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal instead...

I got my hair cut and highlighted at Salon 42.  It was great to see my stylist, Brian.  I brought him some cookies and we caught up on life :)

After my appointment I headed home with the sunroof open!

I have to say, I feel really really bad for my Northeast friends who are buried in a couple feet of snow.  It feels like Spring in Charotte this weekend!

Once home I assembled a tuna wrap.  Tuna, plain yogurt, celery, pepper, lettuce, and tomato in a flat out wrap, with some multi grain tortilla chips.

I ate OUTSIDE on the deck!!

Ahhhh, I love this weather!

I took Clyde on a long walk after lunch.  About 3 miles.

I headed home to get ready for dinner.  I met two of my co-workers and their spouses for dinner at Jim and Nicks, a great BBQ place. 
Check out the temperature:

We actually met for dinner at 5:30pm- EARLY!  They both have little kids and are on the early dinner schedule.  I hadn't seen either of their kids in a while.  One is 16 months and has gotten so big!  She's talking a lot and her hair was in big tails!  The other is 6 months now.  The last time I saw her she was a week old now she's very expressive and aware.  So interesting!

My dinner went unphotographed, but I had BBQ tacos and a side salad.

I'm excited for another warm day today.  On the agenda?  Meeting my friend Michelle for a run and dinner with some bloggie friends tonight!  Stay tuned!



Kelly said...

Congrats on your running success! And I'm so more outdoorsy than you because I like getting drunk on the beach. ;) See you tonight!

Carly said...

I had a breakfast fail this weekend too. Burt 4 pieces of toast before I decided I should move on to cereal.

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