Friday, November 11, 2011

After The Savannah Marathon

Phew, I got really behind this week and started this post a couple days ago, but haven't had time to finish it.  After the Savannah marathon, Kelly, Brad, and I headed to Gryphon Tea Room, which is a place I went to with my parents years ago, but hadn't been back to in a while.  The last time I went it looked more like an apothocary, but now is more resembles a library inside.

In any case, it's still a great restaurant.

The hungry marathoner and her husband got vichyssoise (ie potato soup) to start.

I opted for one of the specials- a salad with goat cheese, pears, almonds, cranberrys, and greens.  Tell me there's goat cheese and I'll probably order it...

These goat cheese medallions were ENORMOUS.  Both were the size of crabcakes and my goat cheese to salad ratio was sort of out of control.

Kelly was already talking about dessert before we even entered the restaurant, so I knew I'd probably get something.  I opted for coconut cake.

It was dense and delicious.

Full of food, we headed to the buses to get us to our car.

We were finally on our way back to Hilton Head but it was already around 4pm.  We realized a planned blogger meet-up back in Savannah at 6:30pm was probably not going to happen.

After showering and relaxing for a while, our new game plan was to head to my favorite wine bar in the area, Corks.

I got a flight of interesting reds.

None of us were starving, since we'd eaten lunch late, so we went with two big appetizers a cheese plate and hummus.

Both hit the spot!

We called it a night fairly early, after our long day.

Sunday, I wanted to go for a walk on the beach, as per usual on my visits to the island.  Kelly said she felt okay to do it, so she, my mom, Clyde, and I headed over.

It was VERY windy and cold, so we kept it short.


Our walk completed, I really wanted to take Brad and Kelly to the clubhouse at my parents' plantation and show them around the rest of it.  Greg and I got married there, so it's special to me.

We had brunch at the clubhouse, which includes a free mimosa and coffee.

I ordered an omelet with veggies and ham.  Unfortunately, the service was less than stellar on this visit (I'll let it slide since I love this place and got married here!), and my omelet had sausage and bacon in it, both of which I didn't want, but I picked around it.

After breakfast, we showed them the rest of the plantation, including the pools...

And the docks...

Which prompted some people pictures.

It was a little windy...

And that concludes our weekend fun in Hilton Head and Savannah.  It was great to share the experience with my friends!


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