Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend

To answer your comment questions, yes, I liked Breaking Dawn.  Some parts gave me chills (wedding) and other parts were cheesy (wolf pack scene), but overall I thought it was pretty good.  It's been so long since I read the books now that I kind of wish they'd just wrap it up and can't believe it'll be another year til part II comes out though!  I'm also addicted to this song...

Most of my Saturday (aside from my morning run) was spent at Kelly's new house "helping" (if you call standing around drinking beer and watching Kelly cook, helping ;) with their move.  Mostly the guys did the burly work and the girls hung around her gorgeous new kitchen

See, guys working, girls standing around...

Eventually we all assembled back in the kitchen and started chowing down.

Kelly made pulled pork sandwiches with mango salsa and black bean soup.

We ate, drank, and talked, and watched Rascal with an empty PB jar...

Then he got to lick about 10 soup bowls...doggie heaven!

I called it a night fairly early, so I could get home to Clyde and check on him.

Sunday, the weather was warm and Clyde and I took an hour long walk.

I don't think we'll have many more days like this, I can feel fall pulling away...

My walk was followed by a trip to a new brewery: The Noda Brewing Co.  My friends and I had heard about it from a bartender at Big Ben last week and wanted to check it out.

Graffiti on the backside of the brewery.

I scoped out the choices and asked if they had a sampler.  They said they're working on that, but would give me a sip of each one so I could decide what I wanted. 

I ended up liking the porter best, which was called Coco Loco and had chocolate and coconut flavors!

This actually shocked me, because usually I hate dark beer!

You can tell they're still working out the kinks, but I liked the place.  There was a good crowd of people there watching the Panthers game, and also a brewery tour that the girls opted out of, but the boys really liked.  I hope they add food eventually, we need more breweries with good food in Charlotte. 

That's pretty much the rundown of my weekend.  I think I need some downtime now!


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