Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pre-Race Activities

Hello from Hilton Head!  I'm down here mainly for the Savannah Marathon.  No, I didn't run it.  I'm here in support of Kelly, who ran her second marathon!  It's been a whirlwind weekend.  To back up a little, Thursday night Kelly, Brad, Clyde, and I drove down from Charlotte to stay the night at my parents' house.  Hilton Head is about 45 minutes from Savannah, so I invited Kelly to stay and to be her chaufer for the weekend for her race.  We got in kinda late Thursday night and pretty much headed to bed upon arrival. 

Friday morning I did my own little run, getting in 3.15 miles around my parents plantation, it's no marathon, or even marathon training run, but I'll take it.  Hilton Head is probably my favorite place to run!

Clyde and I posed for a picture, post run.  Kelly had a little trouble with my camera, so it's a little blurry.

We had a light breakfast, got ready, then headed out to lunch at one of my island favorites, The Boathouse.

Kelly and I both opted for Shock Top pumpkin beers.


We got the shrimp tempura sushi appetizer to all share.

It was AMAZING.  Not sure how they made it crunchy/fried on the outside, but I loved it.

Kelly and I split two things, the Thai salad with shrimp...

...and the fish tacos with grilled mahi mahi and sweet potato fries.

Both were yummy!

After lunch, we dropped Brad off at Starbucks so he could get some work done and Kelly and I headed to Savannah to pick up Kelly's packet and check out the race expo.

The place was mobbed!  It took us a while to park and wade through all the people to get Kelly's packet.  This was by far the best race expo I've been to.  Apparently I need to do a Rock N' Roll or bigger race someday.  Totally cool!

There was lots of cool merchandise to check out.

I was kind of tempted to buy this dachshund hair band, but refrained.

We also sampled the new MGD 64, which tasted like a combo of really light beer and sparkling water.

Ehhh, not too bad.

We watched the course tour on the screens set up and I didn't recognize too much, but then again, I don't know a lot of Savannah all that well. 

Packet in hand we headed out of the convention center and traffic going out wasn't as bad as the traffic coming in.  Our next stop was Target and the Tanger outlets to pick up a few things.  Lately I seem to be finding pretty good stuff at J Crew and I found a sweater and cute belt on this visit.

After a little shopping we picked up Brad went to dinner at a pizza place called Paulie's.  I had seen a Living Social Deal for it earlier in the week and since I regularly get pizza there with my parents I know it's good coal fired pizza.  Yum!

We got a veggie pizza with spinach, onion, tomato, roasted red pepper, and mushroom.  So good!

And with that, we were all fueled and ready for the marathon! 


alison said...

Looks like a fun weekend! It's fun to just sit back and be a supporter sometimes!

Amber said...

A great friend of mine ran Savannah yesterday...and got a new PR. I highly recommend at least one "BIG" race like Rock n Roll or Disney. They aren't for everyone but if you aren't too serious, they can be lots of fun!

Liz @ runbakerace said...

I love big expos and you totally should do a big race someday. Maybe NYC???? Can't wait to hear all about spectating Savannah!

Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers said...

Looks like a good time! I've been really wanting to see Savannah again. I think I'll probably head down for St. Patty's day. I can imagine it draws a different crowd than a marathon though ;)

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