Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Part Deux

Even though Greg and I each had a couple Thanksgiving dinners between eating on the actual day and some leftovers my mom sent home with us, we hadn't yet had our Thanksgiving dinner together.  I told Greg last week that I would make him some of his favorites for dinner sometime this week, so last night I did just that.  Greg's Thanksgiving favorites are really the mashed potatoes and the green bean casserole (which we actually don't do in my family).  Feeling like we might need a little Umami in there, I decided to make an entree to go with it- Mushroom Wellington ala Vegan Faith.

I changed it slightly by using small white and baby portobello sliced mushrooms instead of the big portobellos and sauteeing them with the spinach, onion, garlic, and wine.  This made them all kind of liquidy (I may have gotten slightly heavy handed with the wine) and I kind of had to drain everything before adding it to the puff pastry.  For creaminess, I opted to add some goat cheese, which I thought was a great addition.  I also had too much filling to fit, so I reserved some and made a gravy out of what didn't fit in the pastry, by adding a little flour and stock to the pan and stirring with a whisk.  I had a few snafus with the puff pastry coming apart on me, but eventually, I got the whole thing assembled, in the oven, and it came out great!

I used baby red potatoes for my (s)mashed potatoes and I always use frozen green beans for the green bean casserole because I think canned ones are gross, even though Greg disagrees.  Don't ask him about the time we were at Costco and he insisted on buying the giant can of canned green beans.  Ewww.

Anyway, we both loved the meal and I was glad to have a little bit of Thanksgiving with my husband.  We're very used to holidays apart after ten years together with this lifestyle, but try to make an effort to set aside some time for ourselves to celebrate together.

Do you ever spend holidays apart?  How do you handle it?


Runblondie26 said...

The mushroom wellington looks really good. Greenbean casserole isn't something my family ever made either. The ingredients don't sound particularly appealing, but people seem very passionate about it.

The only updside to being a 6th year FO at a regional is we get to spend the holidays together. The hubs got his Tday dinner fresh out of the oven.

I'm going to miss the sweet schedules, but not the anemic paychecks, when he finally moves up the ladder (hopefully soon!) Reheated leftovers taste even bette rin my opinion anyway :)

The Friendly Skies said...

Ok first Geoff LOVES green bean casserole so I make it each year as well!

We were both flying this year for Thanksgiving - luckily we worked together over the holiday but Thanksgiving dinner was too expensive so we had burgers instead.

Luckily I predicted this so we had our big feast a day early! I don't think it really matters when you celebrate the holiday as long as you remember the meaning behind it all! We had a lot to be thankful for this year!!! :)

Glad you guys got to celebrate eventually!!!

lynda said...

That's so nice to make a special meal to celebrate Thanksgiving and having your husband home! It looks great, I'm with you and the fresh green beans..canned!! are you kidding?!!! Yuck!

Hope you are well, I've been enjoying your blog!

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