Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Day Trip To Greenville, SC

Hello friends!  Well, here we the beginning of another week and unfortunately I don't feel like I accomplished a whole lot this weekend.  I've had this lingering cold and it seems like every few days it really kicks my butt and I end up in pajamas with a box of kleenex, glass of OJ, and a dachshund in my lap...  Cozy, but kind of useless...

Anyway, I thought I'd share a small day trip we took (before we went to Punta Cana) to Greenville, SC.  Us and Greenville go way back.  Greg used to overnight there fairly often when he worked for the Regional airlines.  He liked it so much, that when he decided to propose to me, he was planning on taking me there to ask me to marry him.  Well, that didn't really work out for the proposal.  It's a long story that involves an argument over Playstation, dishes, and ended with a ring, but basically he asked me the night before we went to Greenville, instead of there!  In any case, we did go there the weekend we got engaged and both love the little city.

Me circa 2005 with my new engagement ring (which was on my middle finger til I got it sized).

Greenville is about a 2 hour drive from Charlotte.  We hopped in the car late morning, and got there around lunchtime.  We picked Smoke on the Water as our lunch spot.  Mainly, because we were starving and it was one of the first places we saw.  I liked that they had homemade BBQ sauces at the tables in these cool glass bottles.

Starving, we did something uncharacteristic for us, we got an appetizer.  Greg wanted to the pimento cheese.

It came with celery and seasoned toast.  It hit the spot!

We were unaware that the restaurant also served housemade cornbread though.  We ended up taking this home, and I think Greg ate it later.

For lunch I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. 
I wanted something I could try the BBQ sauce on.  I got seasonal veggies on the side.

Everything was very tasty!

After lunch we quickly browsed a couple nearby shops, then headed to car to get a peacefully resting Clyde  and head over to Falls Park on Reedy, the park where my proposal was supposed to happen.

Clyde loved running all over the park.

He's such a little monkey!

The park is gorgeous.  Pictures don't really do it justice, and it looked draber than normal on this chilly winter day.  There's a pretty waterfall with a suspension bridge over it in the middle of the park.

It's cool because it backs right up to downtown and to Furman University.

We walked over the suspension bridge.

On the other side, some geese came over to us.  I think they thought we had food ;)

We wandered out of the park and into downtown, doing some windown shopping.  We found a little pet store that we could bring Clyde into, and went in there.

It was a little chilly, so we decided to look for hot chocolate.  We found a little shop.

It turned out they didn't have normal hot chocolate, they had "sipping chocolate", which is basically real melted chocolate that they give you in a smaller cup because it's so rich.

After getting our sipping chocolate we walked a little more.  Greenville has these little brass mice throughout the city, so we looked for some.

I think we only saw about three...

On the way out, we saw the ice rink set up and watched for a little bit.

We had a great day in Greenville.  It will always be special to us since we had our engagement weekend there.  Back when we moved from Virginia to Charlotte, we talked about moving to Greenville too.  The problem is that the airport there is so much smaller, which makes commuting for Greg even harder, and I didn't have an opportunity to transfer with my job to Greenville, like I did to Charlotte.  At least it's a pretty short drive for a visit! 


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