Sunday, February 19, 2012

Double Dog Dared

Well, it's been a crazy weekend over here.  I offered to dog sit for Rascal while Kelly was out of town this weekend, so I've been trying my hand at a two dog world.  I admit at times I've wondered if I would want a second dog, when seeing cute ones listed on Pet Finder, so this was an interesting trial.

The first night did not go too well.  I didn't get Rascal til around 8pm Thursday night, so he and Clyde didn't have time to get all their crazy "Hey new dog!" energy out of their system before bedtime.

Both dogs sleep in the bed (Rascal sleeps with Kelly and Brad), and I wasn't sure how it would go over to NOT let them both sleep in bed with me, so they were both up in bed with me and neither could settle down.  One would hear something and bark and set the other off. 
Plus, they wanted to go out in the middle of the night.  Ugh, it was a long night...

The next day I headed out to work and hoped for the best, not sure how the two of them would do alone in the house.  I was just hoping Clyde would have both ears in tact when I got back.

I imagine there was some of this...

and some of this...

I checked on the dogs during my lunch break and they seemed ok.

Friday night we stayed in.  There was a lot of fighting over my lap.  And more playing.

Saturday was probably the best day we've had. 
I took the boys on a long walk in the warm mid 60 degree weather.  It was great!

All part of my plan to sufficiently wear them out.  Muhahaha!

I also got them both "doggie sundaes" from Brewsters, a tiny scoop of ice cream with a dog biscuit on top.

They were a big hit.

I had the Reeses Pieces Sundae.  Soooo good!

It's been fun having two dogs around, but it's a lot more work than one.  For one thing, I know Clyde so well, that I can tell in a second when he needs to go out, wants food, wants to sit on my lap, etc... 
It's harder for me to read Rascal. 
The other thing that's hard is that the two of them are constantly competing for my attention, my lap, and who can bark louder.  It can be exhausting getting them to calm down.  If this was a test to see if I would want a second dog, I would say no.  I kind of like just having one to focus on and take care of.  I'm not ready for a second dog at this point in my life.  It was fun trying it though!


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