Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At Least I Got A Massage

Hey there!  Where were we?  Oh yeah, I had that fantastic scallop dinner on Saturday night in Hilton Head.  Mmmm :)

Sunday's breakfast was also impressive.  My mom made creme brulee french toast.  I know, awesome right?

I will post her recipe soon.

We also had fruit.

 I also had some coffee with it.

We had to eat and run though, because my mom and I had a spa appointment!  There's a resort called Palmetto Bluff kind of between Hilton Head and Savannah, and it's very fancy and beautiful.  Greg got me a gift card for a massage there for our anniversary last year, that I had yet to use, so I got my mom one for her upcoming birthday and we went together.

I didn't take pictures inside, but it was everything you would expect a gorgeous southern spa to be. 

image from their website
We hit the steam room before our massages, and each had a customized aromatherapy massage.  Mine was geared towards my female issues and runner's legs.  I think my special blend of oils had lavender, rose, and a few other scents in it.  The massage rooms each have a balcony off the back, and my therapist kept our door to the balcony open so that we could enjoy the fresh air and birds chirping.  It was so relaxing and wonderful, definitely one of the best I've had.  Post massage, I met my mom on the relaxation balcony overlooking a small lake, and we each had a lot of water and a complimentary mint julep (I had about half of mine).

After our massages, we drove to the "town" center and parked and walked around.  I have been to Palmetto Bluff before, but it's been a few years.  It was just as beautiful as I remember.

The resort overlooks the May River.

It would be an awesome, albeit expensive place to get married.  The little chapel is so adorable though!

My parents have eaten at the main restaurant and said it was really good, with creative twists on most dishes.

It's actually a combination of resort and residential.  Some people do live there!

Anyway, it's just a beautiful place. 
Supposedly, stays there have been given to Oscar winners or nominees in their goody bags.

We headed back to my parents' house for lunch, which was leftover shrimp on a salad and some fruit on the side.

My parents had a tee time for the afternoon (golf for those who don't speak golf), so Greg and I took Clydester for a walk.

Over near the marina, there's sort of a "dog park" area, where people take their dogs of leash.  We decided to give it a try, and here's some video of Clyde and Greg.  Pay no attention to my voice, I really hate hearing myself talk!

Our walk was followed by some errands and a quick cookout dinner with my parents before hitting the road to head home.  Well trying to head home anyway.  We were promptly hit with this parking lot of traffic on 95 North...

People actually got out of their cars and were walking around for a while.  Thank god for Angry Birds or I probably would have lost my mind!  We didn't get home til about 12:30am, and our original ETA was 10pm, so that really sucked!  Anyway, over all, it was a great day, and another excellent weekend in Hilton Head! 


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