Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Paddy's and Walks In Parks

My St. Paddy's Day started with a 2.2 mile run.  It was actually kind of hot on Saturday and this run didn't feel that great.  By my training plan I only had to do 2 miles, but I told myself to do more if I felt like it, thinking I'd aim for anywhere between 2 and 3 miles.  Since I wasn't really feeling it, 2.2 became my magic number.  I'll take it.

I then kept an annual tradition alive by meeting my friend Tim at an Irish bar.  I think we've done this every year since we both moved to Charlotte from DC.

Tim is insane about St. Paddy's and usually takes the entire day off (if it falls on a work day) to get the bar when they open.  This year was no exception- he arrived at the bar at about 8:45am.  I met him there around lunchtime, and promptly ordered a Harp and Rueben sandwich.

Tim also brings a laptop to entertain himself since he's there hours before anyone else.
We watched the Irish dancers perform...

And listened to the bagpiper play.

It was a great time.

Later I headed over to Brad and Kelly's place to hang out for the evening.  I brought Clyde and this resulted in lots of doggie snuggling.

After starting my day around 12-1pm, I was done by like 8:30pm, falling asleep in Brad and Kelly's chair, so I called it a night and headed home.

Originally, Greg was supposed to have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, but we knew that would probably change, because he has certain reserve days that are moveable and these were.  Sure enough, his schedule got changed, and he wasn't off for St. Paddy's, as he we were originally hoping he'd be.  He did get home around noon on Sunday though.

Once Greg got hom and regrouped, we decided to head out and take a walk around some parks in Rock Hill, SC.
First was Cherry Park.

The flowers are in bloom and it really feels like spring all around.

Cherry Park wasn't that exciting.  It's really designed to house sports fields so the trail is just a loop around the outter perimeter, which didn't take us long to walk.

We then drove through more of Rock Hill, and decided to stop and walk again at the Glencairn Garden.  This place was really cool.  It was multi-levels and there were tons of flowers and fountains everywhere.  Really pretty.

We followed the park tour with some mable slab ice cream.  It was a lovely afternoon and a great weekend overall.  How was yours?


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