Saturday, March 17, 2012

Phat Burrito

Hey, Happy St. Patricks Day!

Last night I met up with Katie for the first time in probably about 6 months.  If you read her blog, you know she's crazy busy and nailing her down was no small feat. 

After going back and forth about what to do, we decided on dinner at Phat Burrito, which is an unassuming, hole-in-the-wall type place, covered with graffiti on the outside, in the South End area of Charlotte.  I actually used to have lunch there sometimes when I worked in uptown, but my office is now on the south side of Charlotte (further south than Phat Burrito), so it's not close for me anymore.

Katie actually had a gift card to use, and she graciously treated me to dinner.  I actually had a froyo credit to use, so the original plan was to have dinner then head over for froyo after, but we were both too stuffed to eat anything else after our meals, so the froyo portion of our date will have to be rescheduled.

We each got a beer and sat outside on the patio, since it was in the low 80's last night.  Awesome :)

I opted for the fish tacos, which were fish with cabbage, rice, and cilantro in a tortilla, and topped with mango salsa.  They were pretty tasty, but two would have been sufficient, I only got part way through number three.

We also ordered guacamole, which was kind of a joke because it was the saddest little cup ever and came with chips that were clearly from a bag.

Katie could not contain her sadness over the tiny guac...

She did like her veggie salad though!

Katie on I caught up on all the stuff going on in our lives, blogger gossip, and what our future plans may hold (hopefully a baby for me and a career for her).  It was a great night to dine outside in the Queen City.  I definitely recommend Phat Burrito, but skip the guac and chips if you go!

I am heading out to enjoy some St. Paddy's festivities soon.  Hope you guys enjoy the day too!


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