Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Birthday

So I just had a birthday.  I'd be lying if I said I was excited about this one.  It seems like it's getting harder to welcome in new years and still not have accomplished the thing I most want in life-to have kids.  When my mom was my current age, I was SEVEN years old.  Yeah.  

I guess, sort of like it was good to say goodbye to 2011 and all the crap that happened that year, I will do the same with this past year of my life- let it go and hope that this year is better and that this is the year of my life when my dream will finally come true and I will have a successful pregnancy and become a mother.  All I can do is look forward, right?

The weekend of my birthday kicked off with an outing with Kelly and Gibson.  We attended the The Big Brew Ha at the Mint Museum.

It was a charity event with beer (of course) and food from several popular Charlotte restaurants- Dandelion Market, Flying Biscuit, Dean and Deluca and Harvest Moon Grill.  There was also music and games.

We started with a sample of food from Dandelion Market.

Shepherd's pie and roasted red pepper/artichoke heart dip with pita points.  Plus a draft beer.  The red pepper/artichoke dip was probably my favorite food from the event.

Kelly in action.  One of the cool things about the event was that it was held in their room on the top floor which opens on to the rooftop.  Pretty cool to see the city from up there.

From Flying Biscuit, the best thing was the chicken pot pie.

I also tried food from Harvest Moon Grill and Dean and Deluca, plus some toffee and coffee.  Honestly, I felt like the event didn't completely flow.  It was held at a fancy museum, but there was beer pong and corn hole going on- kinda weird.  We made the most of it though and it was still a decent evening.

Saturday night Kelly and I had a joint birthday party with some friends at Vivace.

Sarah and I.

Kelly and Brad

I ordered scallops with risotto.  YUM!

After a good time at the restaurant, we all went back to Brad and Kelly's for cake and more festivities.

Birthday girls!

I have hilarious friends...

I also got some fun stuff for my birthday:

A new La Creuset pot from my parents.
Tom's from Greg (plus a restaurant gift card).

Marshmallow treats from my friend Melanie.

Another birthday celebrated.  Bring on the next year of my life!


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