Thursday, May 17, 2012

Date Night in Seattle

I love Seattle :)  What a cool city!  It's been a fun week here and I've managed to cram a lot in in the evenings after I finish work.  It's really easy to navigate, and there's tons to see and do.  It's exactly what I needed.

Tuesday morning I was still a little screwed up on time when I woke up in the morning, so I was up before 5am and actually decided to head to the hotel gym for a workout since I had so much time to kill before work.  I did a couple miles on the treadmill and some free weights before work.


Greg flew to Seattle to meet me and arrived around lunchtime.  I met up with him on my lunch break and we grabbed a sandwich and then he went back to the hotel to sleep while I went back to the office for the afternoon.  It was actually funny because he had THREE overnights in Seattle last week, right before I had my scheduled trip here.  See how timing is always just a little off in my life??  Anyway, he was able to catch a flight up to Seattle on his day off and we spent Tuesday night exploring Pike Place, The Pier, and more of downtown Seattle.

Fish at Pike Place

Flowers at Pike Place
The original Starbucks!

Seattle from the Pier
Sculpture at the Pier.

We walked around for a while, taking in the sights and doing a little shopping.

Dachshund socks and sweet potato pappardelle.  The essentials...

We then headed back to the hotel to primp a little before heading to dinner at The Capital Grille.

We actually have a Capital Grille in Charlotte, but haven't been before.  We've been to one in Northern Virginia, a long time ago.  We had a gift card to use and since it was close to my hotel in Seattle, we figured it was a good time to use it.  I had a Malbec, salad, a filet mignon and we split the au gratin potatoes.  It was great, but very simple.  I think I lean more towards a more creative menu these days, and Capital Grille is just very traditional.

Anyway, I'm lucky I have a pilot husband that was willing to fly across the country to spend a date night in Seattle with me.  He's a keeper :)

More to come on my Seattle adventures!


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