Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Dinner At Rooster's

Tuesday night, Greg took me out for dinner for my birthday.  This year, we decided to go to a restaurant we both really like, but haven't been to in a couple years, Roosters in South Park.  I believe the last time we were there was with my family when they were visiting at Christmas a couple years ago.

We got to the restaurant and realized it was packed for a Tuesday night!  I spied a couple seats in the middle, over-looking the kitchen area, which is open so that you can watch the chefs cook.  The waitress told us those were available, so we opted to sit there instead of waiting for a table.  This ended up being really fun because we could see all the things being cooked and gave us a lot to talk about.

I ordered a Malbec (shocker, I know), to start.

We ate our complimentary bread while deciding on a plan of attack for the menu.  Rooster's is somewhere in between a normal menu and a tapas menu.  The entrees and sides are all al a carte, so it makes sense to order a variety of things to share.

We decided on a spring salad off the specials menu to start.  I was packed with red and golden beets, goat cheese, baby carrots, bib lettuce, and mushroom crumbles, dressed with a light vinaigrette.  Yum!

For the main event, we ordered a mushroom pizza...

Gnocchi with pesto and tomatoes...

And haricot verts, which is fancy speak for green beans.

Everything was really delicious, but we may have had a little food envy watching the chef in front of us prepare countless rounds of au gratin potatoes and mac and cheese.  I stand by our food choices though, everything was really good.

I think sometimes we forget about restaurants like Rooster's because we're used to going to some of the same spots with friends over and over or places closer to our house.  We need to make sure we don't wait a couple years to go back to Rooster's though, because the food is always delicious and we had a great time.


emily0717 said...

I love Roosters! It's literally in our backyard...Jay, Parker and I live right there. :)

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