Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Last Day in Seattle

My last day in Seattle I went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch with a girl from the office.  I've been to the Hard Rock in San Diego, DC, and Montreal, and now we'll add this one to the list.  I actually ordered kind of an unusual salad for lunch.  It had shrimp, pears, bacon, and goat cheese.  Sounds weird, but it worked.

I wrapped up my stuff at the office and then tried to figure out a plan for my last night.  All week people had been asking me if I was going to the Space Needle.  I didn't think I cared about going, but then on the last night when I realized I had nothing else planned, and have no idea when I'll be back in Seattle, it actually sounded like a good idea.  I walked a couple blocks from the hotel and found the monorail, which takes you straight to the Space Needle.

It's $19 dollars to go up to the observation deck.  Kinda steep, I know, but like I said, when will I be back to even see Seattle again??  When in Rome...  Plus, this is the 50th Anniversary of the Space Needle, so I guess that makes it kind of cool.

Once up at the observation deck, I headed to the outdoor area to take some pictures.  There's an indoor part with tables and kind of a concession stand with food, and then the outer rim, which is outside.

I basically walked the perimeter, taking pictures from all sides.

I did a couple laps then got my souvenir picture emailed to myself....  Awkward looking, right?

I also did a lap in the gift shop at the lower level and ended up with a t-shirt Space Needle T-shirt to commemorate my visit.

Once I'd had my fill at the Needle, I headed back to my hotel.  I stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle and HIGHLY recommend it.  Here's a few reasons why:

-If you become a member of the Kimpton In Touch Guest Loyalty program (free), you get free WiFi for your entire stay.
-Free wine from 5pm-6pm in the hotel lobby!
-The rooms are really nice- very sleek and modern.  I heard it was recently redone.

-The location was awesome, walk-able to the Pier, Pike Place, and most of downtown Seattle.
-If you opt out of room cleaning, you get a $5 card to use at the restaurant hotel or room service.

Therefore, on my last night I had two $5 cards, from two night I opted out of room cleaning, that I could use for dinner at the hotel restaurant, called Sazerac.  To be honest, I didn't think the restaurant was going to be that great since it's a hotel restaurant, but this place really impressed me.  It was apparent that not only do hotel guest go there to eat, but also local Seattle people know it as a great spot, as evidenced by the guy that sat next to me that told me he loves it and comes there often.

I sat myself up at the open kitchen counter, much like my date night at Roosters with Greg a couple weeks ago.  I had a great view of the wood burning oven and the chef's preparing many mouth watering dishes.

Sazerac has a great happy hour menu and even better?  They serve it til 8pm!  I started with a glass of Oregon Pinot Gris and then opted for two small plates- a simple but delicious salad and some mini burgers and both were fantastic!

Dinner at Sazerac was a great way to end my week in Seattle.  I really enjoyed the meal!

I'm really going to miss Seattle.  I wish it wasn't so far away, or I'd definitely be back for a visit more often.  It's not an easy place to travel to from Charlotte.  I spent almost a day traveling there each way.  Someday Greg and I will have to go back though.  I'd also love to see more of the Pacific Northwest- Portland, Vancouver, and more of the area surrounding Seattle.  If you ever get the chance to visit, do it!    


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