Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekender

My weekend started off as any good weekend should- with some froyo.  I grabbed a cup of the creamy stuff with a co-worker at Sweet Frog, a new-to-me frozen yogurt place in Charlotte.  I was impressed.  They had great flavors and tons of toppings.  It reminds me of a cheaper, less frilly version of Menchie's.

A few hours later, I met Jen and Katie for dinner at a Mediterranean place called Zeitouni.  I always see Katie raving about falafel on her blog and when we were brainstorming dinner options, falafel sounded so good to me, so I told her to take me to one of her favorite falafel spots.  We each had a glass of red wine to start.

And then I of course ordered the falafel platter.

It came with salad, hummus, pita, and probably about 6 falafels.  I had to take two home- it was a massive platter!

Dinner with Katie and Jen was great.  They are two of my friends that aren't completely obsessed with babies and pregnancy, and I kind of need that right now.  Unfortunately, anytime to get together with many/most of my friends now, babies becomes a hot topic of discussion and sometimes it's tough for me.  This was a nice break.

Saturday morning I completed a 5K run.  I just ran a route in the neighborhood on my own- no race fees or anything.  It went fine, but I waited til after 9am to go out and it was kind of hot out, so it took a lot of ice and water too cool me down after my run.  The good news is that my left leg/foot issues seem better and haven't been giving me any problems.

Saturday evening, I headed to Brittany's house for a Cinco De Mayo celebration.  I saw a bunch of friends, including Cindi and Molly.

I also consumed a plateful of Mexican chips and dips, and had a Mexican beer.

Bets were placed on the Kentucky Derby, but I didn't bet.  We all gathered to watch it though, and I did think it was a pretty exciting race with the winning horse coming out of nowhere at the end!

Sunday was rather low-key.  House cleaning and laundry happened.  Greg came home from a trip and we ran some errands.  The weekend ended with dinner at Beef O'Brady's outside with Clyde.

I had chicken fajitas and enjoyed another perfect night dining al fresco with my two favorite guys.

We hurried home to bed where Clyde crashed.

Greg and I watched our friend Austin make his TV debut on the show Tough Love New Orleans.  He was one of Greg's groomsmen in our wedding and is now on Reality TV!

He's the one shaking Gregs hand.

 Follow him at @Austin_George_ for his commentary on the show :)


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