Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Baby Shower

I have to say, my baby shower was a real milestone for me.  There was definitely a time when I thought that I might never get to this point- to have a party celebrating a baby growing in my belly.  The day definitely felt far in the future for a long time, like a dream or goal that I didn't know if I would ever achieve.  I've been to tons and tons and baby showers over the last couple years, and I often wondered if I would ever have one.  It's crazy to me that I did!  Having the baby shower was just another thing that made all of this feel more real.

Awesome diaper cake Kelly made me!

Kelly has been offering to throw me a baby shower since my first pregnancy.  I've often laughed at how excited she's been about it and remember many times when we'd be out to dinner or something and she would whip out her phone and show me pictures she'd pinned on Pinterest with ideas for my baby shower.  She was just slightly enthusiastic ;)  She's exactly the kind of person you want planning your baby shower though- thoughtful, organized, and creative.  She definitely nailed the theme of lambs/peach (like our nursery) and made everything delicious and gorgeous, with the help of my mom and a family friend who are also excellent cooks.

Great minds think alike- she brought a bunch of lanterns to hang that looked similar to the ones we have hanging in the nursery.

The shower was a brunch theme, which was great, because I LOVE breakfast food!  We had ham, biscuits, pimento cheese, egg bake, french toast, munchkin donuts, baked fruit, mimosas, and the cutest cupcakes ever, made my Kelly's aunt.

My plate of food looked similar to Jen's (many of these pictures are borrowed from Jen and Brittany).

We were going to play games but that fell by the wayside when present opening and nursery tours ensued.  Our baby girl is spoiled, she got some great stuff!

A lot of the gifts are now piled in my dining room as I sort through, put them away, and write thank you notes!  So many cute baby things :)

It was really fun to see all my friends.  We got a shot of a bunch of us at the end.

Also, baby girl was moving a bit and at one point I had about 5-6 hands on my belly so my friends could feel her :)

The shower was so much fun, and kind of a blur.  I wish I'd taken more pictures myself, but I was too busy socializing, eating, and enjoying the experience to go too crazy documenting it myself.  We did get a couple pictures after of me with Kelly.

Oh wait, we probably should get the belly in the shot, huh?

And my mom...

Seriously, I thought it was the most beautiful baby shower I've ever been to, and I really can't thank Kelly, my Mom, and everyone who came and celebrated the baby with me enough.  Having this shower meant the world to me and I'm so thankful to all of you that were a part of it :)

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