Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Thirty-Fifth Week

Hey all!  Well, I've made it to 36 weeks!  

It's been a decent week in pregnancy world, with the usual ups and downs.

I was supposed to have a pre-natal massage this week and scheduled it about a month ago.  Well, it appears the place has gone out of business, because the day of my appointment, I left work early, went there, and found the doors locked and no one home.  Fail!  Good thing the chiropractor has helped with my back issues, or I would probably be more upset.  It doesn't look like I'll experience a pre-natal massage before the end of the pregnancy, but oh well.

I forgot to mention that I spent a while last week researching my options for learning breathing/labor techniques.  I have basically given up on getting into the childbirth preparation class at our hospital- they are booked through April and the last person I talked to when I called said it was pretty unlikely that I'd get in (there's only one class left before my due date now), but not to worry- the nurses are great and will get me through.  I did email some Lamaze coaches, and one got back to me and is a doula and basically offered her services as a doula.  I'm not sure if I want to/need to go that route though because I plan on having Greg and my mom there to help me during labor and doulas are kind of expensive.  All I really want is just some short instruction on how to breath and deal with labor til I get the epidural and I can't find much like that.  My mom found a video called Lamaze Laugh and Learn online and it's pretty comprehensive.  There's really only one segment I care about (the Lamaze breathing) watching but you have to buy the whole thing and I feel like a lot of it would be redundant and stuff I already know.  Also, I have searched YouTube and online videos, and I'm not sure if YouTube is just really hard to navigate now or what, but I didn't find much, just a bunch of short videos that teach Yoga breathing and stuff like that.  A couple of my friends have just winged it with their births and done fine, so that helps give me some confidence that I'll be ok without tons of instruction.  If you guys have any suggestions, let me know. 

I bought a "baby's first year" book for the baby at the beginning of the week.  Greg and I got take out burgers and were waiting on our order, so I wandered into the Hallmark store next to the restaurant and found this cute baby book for 50% off.  Parts of the cover/back are are even peach colored!  I love it :)

I also did a Target trip and got a couple things I thought we might need that we don't have yet like a cute little hoodie/jacket for the baby, disposable nursing pads (I have re-usable ones already), nipple soothers, a cotton bathrobe and nightshirt (I usually wear pajama pants, but a lot of people recommend a night gown for the hospital), and a new pair of cozy socks.  I am slowly working on packing a go bag, so a lot of this stuff will go in the bag.  I also tried to get together some baby clothing/blankets to take to the hospital for the going home outfit.  Since I'm not sure how big she'll be it's hard to decide what to bring.  Also, the temps in Charlotte vary between like 70's and 30's this time of year, so who knows how warm the outfit should be, I have everything from fleece to light cotton.  Right now I have about 4 onesie options laid out and a swaddle blanket, hat, and will probably bring some mittens.

Physically, I'm okay.  I'm feeling lots more discomfort under the belly.  I got in 3-4 walks this week, so that was pretty good.  I did have some bad middle-of-the-night acid reflux one night when I forgot to take Zantac before bed, and that sucked.  I'm finding myself just increasingly bigger, and getting more and more comments about it.  This week I got "are you having twins?" and "your face looks fatter" among others.  Thanks people!  I have trouble tying my shoes and getting socks on at this point.  Swelling is still better for the most part, but I had a couple days or nights when my feet were a little more swollen.  I think it has to do with how much I'm on my feet, how much water I drink, whether I wear heels, etc...  The baby is still moving a good amount, but I feel like she's running out of room in there so it feels kind of different now.  I also haven't mentioned it, but I think my eye sight is worse.  For a month or two I have noticed I can't see as clearly.  I hope this goes back to normal after the pregnancy! 

I also had lunch with Erin and baby Michael yesterday, which was so fun.  He is a really good baby!  I hope my baby is like him!

Some things on my to do list are:
-Install the car seat (base).
-Finish packing for the hospital.
-Print out a birth plan (I'm probably going to use a template with things checked on it).
-Make a list of people to contact when the baby comes.
-Change my out of office email/voice mail at work.
-Iron out my Time and Attendance and how it will be handled when I'm out of the office.
-See a movie with Greg and maybe go out for a nice dinner one night.
-Buy Pack-N-Play and swing.  We actually did this last night.
-Possibly clean my closet, if I have time.
-Finish thank you notes and put away presents.

How far along? 36 Weeks
Maternity clothes?  Pretty much all maternity and some of that is feeling "small".  Yikes!  Still stealing Greg's clothes for bedtime and walks.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Symptoms: heartburn, movement, swelling in the feet/ankles, feeling huge, frequent urination, Braxton Hicks (hard belly).
Best moment this week: I had some fun dinners/lunches with friends this week.
Miss Anything?  Sleeping well, not having heartburn, running, having distinct ankles, having abs.
Movement: Yup, she is rolling around in there!
Food cravings: fresh bread and butter, Cinnamon Life cereal, chocolate, fruit, animal crackers.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Have you started to show yet: Yes, duh.  I feel extremely huge.
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks, but it doesn't feel like labor or anything.
Belly Button in or out? It's out!
Mood:  Good!
Looking forward to:  My work baby shower is next week.  Spending time with Greg this week (he's got 5 days in a row off, which is rare).
What I am NOT looking forward to: Feeling heavier, more tired, and more uncomfortable in the coming weeks.
Weekly Wisdom: Um, hang in there?
Milestones: One month left!


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