Friday, March 26, 2010

50 things you might not know about me.

1.  The drink I order most of the time at Starbucks is the Skinny Vanilla Latte.
2.  I am two years and four days older than my brother.  We often had joint birthday parties when we were little.
3.  I do not have a lot of upper body strength and am usually not that motivated to work on it.  After a term of weight training in high school I was able to do ONE pull-up.
4.  I own a Glock 27 with Tritium Night Sights.
5.  I am a good cook and baker.
6.  I usually wear pretty high heels to work because I'm too lazy to have my pants hemmed.
7.  I am a really slow drinker, and never drink enough water.  I can eat an entire meal without drinking a beverage and sometimes do.  I'm pretty sure I'm borderline dehydrated most of the time.
8.  Ann Taylor (including Loft), Banana Republic, and Old Navy are my favorite stores and where about 90% of my clothes come from.
9.  I have never had a cavity.
10.  I used to be painfully shy about talking to strangers as a kid.  For example, I didn't even like calling to order pizza or asking someone to get something down off a shelf for me in a store if I couldn't reach.
11.  I learned how to drive on a standard (stick-shift) because at the time the only two cars my parents had were both standards.
12.  I don't really tan.  I once spent the whole summer in Hilton Head, and that was probably the tannest I've ever been, but it took a lot of effort.  I have done Mystic Tan and airbrush tans for weddings and like it.
13.  I have only taken one ride in an ambulance and it was about two weeks after I got my tonsils out, because I my throat wound opened up and I had blood gushing out that wouldn't stop.
14.  I Facebook or Google stalk people sometimes, especially ex-boyfriends.
15.  I'm weirdly obsessed with the Aviation Industry and trying to understand it.  Thanks Greg!
16.  I love sailing.  When I was a kid my family had a small sail boat on a lake and I LOVED going out on it.
17.  Because I love sailing and it reminds me of my Dad, the song I danced with my Dad to at my wedding was "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.  It gives me butterflies thinking of it!
18.  The first shot I ever did was Southern Comfort at Williams College, in MA.
19.  I wrote in journals all through Jr. High, High School, and College and lot of my journals are in a box in parents' attic.  God I hope they never read them!
20.  I didn't start wearing any eye make-up on a regular basis til my mid to late 20's.
21.  I love Coach purses.
22.  All of the flowers at my wedding were white calla lilies (center pieces, bouquets, boutonnieres), except my cake, which had green hydrangea on top.
23.  I love to pet the top of my husband's head, he has really awesome thick dark hair.
24.  My closet is always a mess and often I can't find the article of clothing I am looking for.
25.  I have been to an autopsy of a man that committed suicide.  It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.
26.  I rarely paint my finger nails but almost always paint my toe nails (except in the middle of winter, I try to give them a break).
27.  I lose interest in being friends with people if I have to do all the work.  If I don't feel like they are reciprocating, I cut my losses and move on.
28.  I read the last three Twilight books in less than a week.
29.  My eyes are green with blue around the outer edge and a yellow ring around the pupil.  Greg's are very similar except his ring is darker yellow/light brown.  Kinda cool.
30.  I prefer not to use the same shampoo and conditioner every day.  I usually have at least three different kinds of each in my shower and mix it up.
31.  When I was little I wanted to be: an artist, an astronaut, and an author.  I really have no artistic talent at all, and don't see astronaut happening, so I'm thinking author might be the only possibility left if I ever did one of them.
32.  I need it to be pitch black when I sleep so I usually sleep with an eye mask on.
33.  I am very klutzy and injure myself a lot (usually just in minor ways).  Right now I have two cuts on my hands, one from a can of soup and one from a cheese grater.  I also often run into coffee tables, open drawers, fall down stairs, you name it...
34.  I had bangs until my junior year of college and am not sure I will ever have them again now that I know the freedom of NOT having bangs.
35.  I usually go to bed with socks on and kick them off during the night.
36.  I love chicken flavored Ramen noodles and Kraft Mac and Cheese every once in a while .
37.  I love Brat Pack movies, especially The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Sixteen Candles.  I can quote almost all of The Breakfast Club.
38.  I used to always build forts with my friends and play house in them.
39.  I went to private boarding (Prep) school for high school, but didn't live there, I was a day student.
40.  I lived with three other boyfriends before my husband.
41.  My favorite flavor combined with chocolate is raspberry.  Orange and hazelnut are a close tie for second.
42.  My parents and brother are really into golf and are really good at it.  I'm the least capable, but do have clubs and have taken lessons.  I think I'd be a good golfer if I worked on it, but I don't have the time or money right now.  I think eventually I will try and do it though.
43.  I want to take wine classes at some point.
44.  The three countries I most want to visit are Greece, Italy, and Ireland.  But, I'd pretty much travel anywhere if given the chance.
45.  I have no tattoos or piercings other than one hole in each ear, and plan to keep it that way.
46.  I love Calvin Klein sheets.
47.  I am a purist when it comes to a lot of kinds of food.  For example I like plain potato chips, tortilla chips, and popcorn.  I don't like that flavored powder crap on them.  Not a big fan of Doritos because of this.
48.  I don't like buying just one thing if I bother to go into a grocery store or pharmacy.  I'll try to think of at least a couple other things I could use if I'm going in.
49.  The movie "Cast Away" makes me cry, and usually all I have to do is here the music from the movie and I get teary.
50.  I don't know what my blood type is.


Amber said...

I saw this link in your most recent post and I'm not going to lie, it's a little creepy how much we have in common! I know we have both "mentioned" that to each other before. I keep watching my pilot's schedule for a convenient CLT overnight!

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