Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Events of the weekend

I'm behind in updating the bliggity blog this week.
Let me back up a little and recap on some of the weekend highlights.
Saturday I got my haircut. I have been going to the same girl since I moved to Charlotte back in fall of 2006 and I really like her, but at the same time, I felt like I wanted to give someone else a try and see what they would do with my hair. Four people in my office go to this one stylist and I really like the haircuts a few of them have. So I figured I'd give this other stylist a whirl (yes, I CHEATED on my stylist- GASP!). A little background on my hair. I'm not actually that picky about my hair. I can usually make do with most haircuts even if I'm less than thrilled about them. I like trusting the "experts" and letting them do what they think will look best on me most of the time. That being said, I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to make my hair more even and less layered. The problem with that is that every time I go to get my hair cut, the first thing the stylist says is "I think you need a lot more layering" NOOOOOO! But some how I always get talked in to it. "It'll take some of the weight out" and crafty phrases like that are said, and I always seem to think it makes sense and give in. Same deal on Saturday. Ok, if I thought my old trusty 3+ year stylist was layering my hair too much, than this was a whole new off the charts level of layering! My longest hair is about shoulder length and I have pieces on top that are like 3 inches long now. So anyway, the mission to visit another stylist and try something new was kind of FAIL. I think I'm going to end up going back to my old one for my next cut. The grass is not always greener...
After my weed-whacker incident, I mean haircut, I rushed home to let Clyde out before heading out with some friends for the evening. You will see why I'm telling this part of the story later. I then put Clyde in his crate and LATCHED the door to the crate shut. Then out I went.
I met up with 6 friends (Greg was working and didn't come) at this restaurant called The Common House in our running neighborhood- Plaza Midwood. The place has mainly homey type food. I had a Fried Green Tomato BLT and Greek side salad. YUM! After dinner we went up the street to a newish wine bar/gallery called 22. That was supposed to be the main part of our plan, but ended up being the place we stayed the least amount of time. There was some kind of family engagement/wedding-type event going on in there and the place was smallish, so we felt awkward, like wedding crashers. Our friend Tim did score a nice big hunk of cake though :)
We hopped over to our next spot, which was the Thomas Street Tavern. More food and spirits were consumed before some of us called it a night around 11pm. I'm old now, I don't do those crazy late nights anymore!
I headed home and happened to pull in to the driveway literally right behind Greg as he was getting home from work. We walked into the house together and low and behold, our puppy crate sat abandoned on the laundry room floor! Oh where oh where did Clyde go??? We both scrambled in and called out to him, only to find him sitting at the top of the stairs, tail wagging, as if to say, "Hi Mom and Dad!!" I swore up and down that I properly secured him in the crate and Greg kept giving me this skeptical look. We checked around and found minimal damage, just a couple "presents" he had left- one in Greg's office and one on Greg's side of the bed on the floor (Hmmm, who is he mad at???). Turns out our little Houdini had escaped through the top of his crate. You see back the first week we got him, he had made a poo in the crate and Greg had come up with this idea to flip the crate upside down and put it over a tray. The mesh formerly on top was then on the bottom and if he were to poo again the theory was that it would fall through the mesh floor, but he wouldn't be stepping in it. Luckily it's been a non-issue because he hasn't had any accidents in the crate since that first day. The problem with flipping it over is that the formerly bottom side, now on top, has larger mesh- like 4x4 inch squares, which are actually big enough that Houdini the wonder pup can fit through there, and thus he climbed out the top of his crate into FREEDOM on Saturday night. Home Alone, doggy style. We were quite amused.


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