Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Greg's last week before training

Greg is leaving on Monday for his new job training. That means we have less than a week before he's out of here for probably at least two months, maybe more. That's kind of unclear based on what info we have. I think the initial training will probably be at least two months, and then he'll go somewhere else for 2-3 more weeks of simulator training. We got a "package" in the mail the other day with some information about the training, but it wasn't all that informative other than to give the location of the hotel and a list of some items that he will need to bring to training. Greg went online to get more details and found some posting from current/past people that have gone through the training. Turns out we think he's going to have two months of Monday thru Saturday training (this was not mentioned in the package of info, but was posted online), with little possibility of him being able to come home at any point at all. We had hoped he'd be able to come home at least once or twice. It was also recommended that family not go there either, as the training is supposed to be intense and time consuming. We will play that by ear. I told Greg that he if he wants me to I will come out some Saturday and then after he gets out of class we can spend that evening and Sunday together before I head back to CLT. So we'll see if he feels like that's possible or not once he knows more. I figure once he has a syllabus or more of a schedule he might see a weekend in there somewhere that might work out for a visit. Who knows. In the other training he's been to, he went to Miami and Houston for 2-3 months, and with both of those, I was able to come for a visit somewhere in the middle.
Greg is very distraught at the prospect of not seeing Clyde for that long, and even if it works out for me to visit, I don't know that I can/will be able to bring Clyde. I can tell he's gotten so attached (like I have)to Clyde and is upset that he'll have to go so long without seeing him, but I don't know if there's anything we can really do about it. I think we might try using Skype, but I kind of fear seeing us and not being able to BE with us will be as/more upsetting than not seeing us at all, so I'm not sure how that will be.
Also, as it turns out Greg will most likely be SHARING a hotel room with another person, which is lovely... I noticed right away on the info the company sent that it said "double occupancy" hotel room, but it didn't spell out for sure that he would have a roommate (Greg initially thought it was just a room with two beds). The info he found online seemed to support that he will have a roommate though. He's not very psyched about that.
This week is all about cramming last minute stuff in before Greg leaves. He's been working on our taxes, paying bills, went to get new sunglasses, going to Home Depot, and getting as much stuff done as he can before he takes off.
We have that wine festival this weekend, which our friends are coming out from Indiana for. This plan was in the works long before we knew that Greg would get this job and have to leave the Monday after the festival, so we decided to go ahead and still keep our plans, but the timing definitely sucks. We are all staying at my parents' house, which is really great of them to accommodate all of us, except my mom is not a big dog person and asked that we not bring Clyde, which has upset Greg even more since he has less than a week to spend time with him. My mom really doesn't like dogs. I'm not really sure why, probably for the same reasons I wasn't that into dogs before we got Clyde. The smell, the generally erratic nature of them, the poo, the noise etc... I definitely get where she's coming from, but I think she might like Clyde if she gave him a chance, he's a pretty good dog, doesn't smell, never barks, and is very likable. I had an awkward conversation with her about him this morning trying to convince her to let us bring him just for one night, but she again made it clear she was not into the idea, so it looks like Clyde will be spending the night with my friend Kerrie, much to Greg's dismay.
I think we'll have to have my mom come to our house and see how she likes him before she'll agree for him to be at their house.


Anonymous said...

My husband is currently doing a A320 endorsement for his first jet job. We decided I would go with him for the duration of the endorsement, but once he starts line training, I will go home (primarily because he will be moving around). So my message is, at this point, 3 weeks into the endo, he is loving me being here and all of the other guys are jealous. On days off, the other guys are trying to do their washing and ironing, get groceries, all that mundane stuff. But my DH, can spend that time doing extra study or the 2 of us can go out for a few hours break.

I think it's an individual decision, do whats right for the 2 of you, not what someone else recommends.

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