Sunday, March 21, 2010

This weekend was much more relaxing than last weekend. Last weekend I had so much going on with my friends visiting, Wine Fest, and getting Greg off to Memphis, that I barely had any time to chill.  Don't get me wrong, I had a blast, but I was due for a day or two off.  I really liked just having a bunch of down time this weekend. I was borderline lazy! I was able to do some things though. Friday night I went to NoDa with Gibson, Brad, and Kelly and we had dinner at the Crepe Cellar. I had a YUMMY spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese crepe and some Hob Nob Pinot Noir. After dinner we went over to Dolce Vita, a wine bar, and met some more people for drinks and dessert. We had this lovely chocolate raspberry cake.  I love raspberry and chocolate together!
I finally got out and ran both Saturday and Sunday. I've resigned to the fact that while Greg is gone at training, I can't really do the Thursday night running group. I live on the south side of Charlotte and the run is on the north side. Before we had Clyde, I'd just stay after work and go right to the run and then head home after. Now with Greg gone and me solely responsible for Clyde, I really have to get home ASAP since he's alone almost 10 hours by the time I get home from work (my poor baby!). It was a concern I had about getting a dog- I didn't want to let go of the freedom of doing things after work. I have no regrets though. I LOVE my little Clyde, he is awesome and totally worth the sacrifice. I mean, look how CUTE he is!!

My running group actually meets every day of the week at various times and locations, so my new strategy is to do the weekend morning runs when I can. I feel very sluggish and slow, but you have to start somewhere and I did 5K both days, so that's good. I'll also try and run from home in the evenings a couple times during the week and that should help get me back into gear.
Last week while shopping, I picked up some Tumeric (spice). I read somewhere that it's good for you and wanted to try cooking some stuff with it. I googled recipes and came up with this recipe for Marrakesh Vegetable Curry.  I changed a couple things.  I didn't have curry powder or paste, so I used some cumin instead. I had spinach, but I forgot to put it in, but now I'm thinking it might have made the dish kind of bitter, so it might have been just as well that I didn't put it in. I also added a splash or two of chicken stock and some ginger and less cayenne than it called for cuz I'm kind of a wus about heat!  I made a pot of Quinoa, and served it over that.  It was delish!  I have lots of leftovers to eat this week.


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