Friday, March 19, 2010

Picture Issues, Skype, and St. Paddy's Day

Not that I've ever been really good about it before, but I'm having major issues posting pictures in my posts as of late just to let you know. For those of you who read my blog, you may not have noticed, but most of the time I'll write a post and then go back later and add pictures when I have more time and motivation. Therefore it's entirely possible that you all think I just babble aimlessly with no visual aids. Which a lot of the time I do. I do try to post pictures if I have relevant ones to a post though. I just haven't really gone out of my way to take pictures specifically for the blog. I actually have quite a few pictures I've been meaning to post, but alas the photo link has disappeared from my post options so I'm trying to figure out how to remedy that.
Anyway, it's been a busy but good week.
Greg's first week of training has gone pretty good. He aced his first test and is settling back into the pilot mentality. Right before Greg left he got me a new laptop as an early birthday present, mainly because my desktop computer is old and criminally slow, and we wanted to use the new laptop for communication purposes while he's gone. It has a webcam, so we've been doing Skype and I LOVE it!!! For you pilots wives that haven't used this with your hubbies when they are traveling yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! I tend to get kind of bored on the phone when it's recapping the same sort of stuff each day, so to have the visual of him (and vice versa) is awesome and makes me want to talk so much longer! Greg also LOVES to see Clyde, since obviously Clyde can't talk on the phone. He loves to be able to see his puppy hopping all over and chewing on his toys. I also got a tour of the hotel room and the view of Memphis from the window. I'm sure those of you with kids would love it too. The only thing is that Clyde moves so fast that it's hard to see him sometimes. He's kind of a blur on the screen! It's still really really cool though.
We haven't figured out if/when a visit will occur, but I think I'll be going to Memphis at some point. It doesn't look like Greg is in training on Saturdays after all, which was something that we thought would be an issue. So that's good.
I took a half day on St. Paddy's day to celebrate with friends. I LOVE St. Paddy's Day! So fun! A bunch of us went to a bar/restaurant called PJ O'Reilly's and I kicked off the festivities with some Irish beer and grub. The tour then led me back to downtown Charlotte to RiRa for further beverage consumption and fun with some of my friends that did not get out of work early and met us after. This is something I do have a bunch of pictures of to post so as soon as I get my issues resolved, I will try and remember to do that.


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