Friday, April 16, 2010

Doggie Stroller update...also the pilot is home!

Ok, so I've been meaning to update on the doggie stroller.  It came last week in a HUGE box on my doorstep.  Clyde actually growled at the thing when I pushed it through the front  I got it out and had assembled in about 20 minutes.  It's COOL.  Here are some pics of Clyde trying it out after I got it together:

 Sooooo funny!
I didn't really have time to take it for a spin last week because Thursday night I think it kinda rained and then I was packing for Hilton Head.  Then I was IN HHI for the weekend.  Finally Monday I decided it was time to take it for a spin.  I took Clyde for a regular walk first then came back and got him situated in it for a test run around the neighborhood.  It definitely adds to the workout to push that thing.  The position of the handle is adjustable and I'm not sure if I had it in the right place or not.  I also kinda think I felt more stress on my knees for whatever reason.  As for how Clyde did, he was pretty good in it.  I think he didn't know what to make of it at first.  He kinda whined a little about halfway, but settled down after a minute or so.  It went pretty well.
My friend Jen and I decided to run together on Tuesday night.  I warned her I might bring Clyde and the doggie stroller and she said it was fine.  Tuesday did not go as well as Monday.  For one thing we were trying to do a longer run.  My test run with Clyde was pretty short, so probably not a good gauge of how well he'd do zipped into the stroller for longer periods.  Secondly, I got home and walked Clyde, but I think he had waaaaaaaaaaay more energy to burn off and therefore being cooped up in the stroller did not make a happy puppy.  We ended up starting with him in the stroller and then he started whining and doing a high pitched bark and kind of scratching at the top to get out.  Not good.  We stopped, I put his leash on, walked him, then would put him back in the stroller for a while to run til he got antsy again, stop take him out.  It just went on in that cycle like that.  Not exactly what I was hoping for.  Luckily Jen loves Clyde and is so nice, so she seemed to be ok with the fact that we didn't get a huge workout out of the plan.  We decided to eat dinner outside after the run with Jen's husband joining us.

As we were sitting down to eat, Greg called my cell and informed me he was DONE with ground school and coming home in the morning!  Wow!
He's been home since Wednesday morning and is loving being back with Clyde.  It's so cute to see them together playing and snuggling :)  We're not sure when he will have simulator training, but for now we'll enjoy his time home.


Kristina said...

OMG SO cute !! I don't know if Basil would like that or not... :) he can run short distances with me, and I can take him on long walks - we just stay in the middle of the trail so he will go faster and not stop to sniff :)

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