Monday, April 26, 2010

Tennis anyone??

Today I said hello to an old friend...

Yup, tonight I played tennis!  I took lessons as a kid and my parents played with my brother and I pretty often.  Over the years I've played occasionally.  Greg and I will sometimes find a court and just volley.  Well, a guy in my office remembered me mentioning that I sometimes play and came knocking on my door last week to see if I might want to play in his league.  Next thing I know we're figuring out a time to play so he can see how I am.  So we went tonight.  I was pretty nervous that I would look stupid.  I warned him to keep his expectations low.  Well I did pretty good.  He said with about two lessons he thinks I'd be as good or better than most of the women in his group.  Cool!  Except my racket is pathetic and I don't even have tennis sneakers!  So I talked to the pro and will probably have two lessons in the next week or so.  And I need to go shopping for a racket and some sneaks.  Interesting.  Totally out of left field!


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