Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in Hilton Head

Clyde and I took a little trip to Hilton Head to see my parents this weekend. 

This was quite an important trip. I have mentioned before that my mom is not a dog person (here), and really worked herself up to the idea of him being at their house.  I originally thought that my parents' introduction to Clyde should be at our house, but we were having trouble finding a weekend to get together and my dad wanted to be at their house to watch The Masters on his precious HD TV this weekend, so my mom suggested I come there (which is never a bad thing for me as I love HHI).  But anyway, I had thought it best they come to our house to meet Clyde because that way if he had any accidents while they were around at least it wouldn't be on their floors, and additionally, we know how he behaves in our house, but I wasn't sure how he'd be at someone else's for a whole weekend.  Turns out it all went BETTER than I thought it would.  Clyde was just an ANGEL!!  He didn't even come close to having any accidents, didn't chew on anything he shouldn't, and furthermore just acted as cute and loving as can be.

He didn't jump on my mom and was totally gentle and sweet.  Also, my dad kind of IS a dog person but never pushed my mom to get a dog or anything because he knows she's not into them.  He had dogs growing up though, and likes playing with a dog when given the chance.  As soon as we got there on Friday, he got down on the living room floor with Clyde and they immediately started playing.  Clyde has a new BFF :)

I even went to a movie with my mom yesterday and left Clyde with my dad for couple hours and he was great.  He mostly slept in my dad's lap.  That pup could melt any heart!  I'm sooooooooooooo happy it went well.  I was so nervous that it wouldn't go well and my mom would hate him and never want us to visit again or come to our house now that there is a dog involved!
We took Clyde to the beach on Saturday and I was so curious to see how he'd be there.  Only problem was that it was soooooooo windy there!

Poor baby had sand all in his face!  He hid in his carrier to avoid the sand.  We were supposed to meet some of my parents friends there for a picnic lunch, but we quickly realized we'd be eating a great deal of sand in addition to our Publix subs and snacks if we stayed out on the beach.  Mom and I took Clyde for a walk near the water and he got his feet wet in the ocean.  I don't think he quite knew what to make of the whole experience.  After our brief stint at the beach we relocated our picnic to some picnic tables near the parking lot.

My parents' friends brought their 7 month old pug, Bella.  She was immediately kind of aggressive towards baby Clyde, and I didn't really appreciate them not being a little more conscious of that (Hello?!  Restrain your dog people!!).

I ended up taking Clyde to another table and sitting by ourselves because Bella wouldn't leave Clyde alone.  After lunch we tried socializing the pups and it went okay, but definitely was not one of his better play dates.
My parents took me to dinner at Hugo's Saturday night and my mom and I split tilapia and stuffed shrimp (YUM).
Clyde also enjoyed a walk around their neighborhood yesterday.  I may have snagged a couple new items at the Tanger outlets while there (pants, sunglasses, running outfit, two shirts).
I always wish I could stay longer when I visit, but I had to get back for work.
I'm so proud of Clyde for winning over my mom :)  Great visit!


Kristina said...


the photo of you, Clyde and the pug is priceless... your face says it all :)

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