Monday, December 6, 2010

Clyde's Exciting Saturday

Clyde had quite the exciting day Saturday.  Our doggie daycare hosted a Christmas Paw-ty (heh heh), and since our dog is such a social pup, we decided to take him.

The place was already packed with humans and K9s when we got there.  Some were strolling around the main area, and some were in the designated small and large doggie play areas.  There was food, picture taking, some vendors, etc...  Initially we went into the small doggie play area with Clyde and watched him mingle with his similar sized friends.

We left him in there to play for a little while so we could scope out what was happening elsewhere at the paw-ty.

Greg and I both got some refreshments and peeked in on the photo shoot area and vendor area.  We decided we wanted to do a Christmas picture with Clyde so we got him out of the play area and got in line.  After several tries to do a picture with Clyde alone, it just wasn't going to happen (he'd run every time we let go), so we opted for a family shot of us.  They're supposed to email me the copy.

After our pictures, we took Clyde into the the vendor room to sniff around.  He met another mini Dachshund that was close to his size, only red.

We let Clyde play for a little while longer, then headed out to run a couple errands.  We went to Petsmart for bunny food and Christmas presents for Clyde.  Here's a sneak peak and Clyde's presents:

While there, we heard a, "Ho Ho Ho" coming from the corner.  They had pet pictures with Santa going on!  We had to do it...  Clyde was a good sport.  Much better behaved than the crazy Yorkie that went after him!  Here's the money shot:

One more stop at Dicks Sporting Goods for running fuel for me, and we were on our way back home.

This was the scene for the next couple hours:

We stayed in last night, which felt SO GOOD after two night in a row out.  I did a leftover remix with my enciladas from the other night and put them over salad.

I made a quick dressing of EVOO, Red Wine vinegar, and a shake each of cumin and chili pepper.  I added tomatoes, red pepper, and corn to the salad too.  My theory that the enchiladas would taste better reheated than the first night was actually correct.  The sweetness of the plantains had melded more with the other veggies and it was all yummy veggie goodness.

After dinner we relaxed and I had a coconut popsicle, which Clyde got the last couple bites of.

Pay no attention to my wild hair...   Next up, a recap on my 19 mile run!


Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

Aw, Clyde with Santa is SO cute! I anxiously await the 19 mile run recap... that sounds nuts!

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