Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Early Christmas Morning

Sunday my family did our "Christmas morning".

In case you missed it, we've been having fun all weekend:

Back to Sunday!  We got settled in to open presents once we were all full of cappuccino made by my brother and dad.

The tree was certainly dressed with a bounty of pretty presents.

First up, we did our stockings.

My mom always includes classic items like gum, Bath and Body Works hand lotion, and the ever popular tooth brush.  This year there were some new additions...

Subtle, no?  Think my mom is ready to be a grandmother??  My brother and his wife got some in their stockings too.  Greg joked that we had four and could put them on Clyde!  I think he got kind of a glare from my mom at that point...lol!

Next up I got a Lululemon gift card from my brother and his wife.  Dangerous...

And a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from my mom and dad.  I was actually with my mom when she got this for me on Black Friday, but I still tried to be surprised!

Or look half asleep.  Same thing, right?

I'm probably that last foodie on earth that doesn't own one of these babies.  Til now!

Greg got a cool video camera that is really tiny and looks like a phone.  He plans on taking it up in the air to get some footage.  Cool!  Now I can see what his "office" is like!
There might even be a Vlog in our future on Life in a Holding Pattern!  We shall see!

Ashley got a Kindle from my parents and was really excited!  I've been resisting them because I kind of like traditional books, but more and more I'm starting to like the idea...  Hmmm, maybe an idea for my birthday!

Clyde got a bunch of goodies from my parents and his "aunt and uncle".  One was this squeaky green bone and I think it has replaced his purple ball as his new favorite!  Notice his Snuggie!

Everyone did well.  I have to admit I went heavy on gift cards as presents this year, but my family is full of people that are kind of hard to shop for and I thought it would be a safe bet.  I tried to at least choose ones that were specific to their taste (Ashley got a Anthropologie one, my dad Amazon for his Kindle, and my brother got an ITunes one).  I did get my mom a food processor like mine since I knew she didn't have one and she was excited. 

After all the presents were opened, we assembled a breakfast of fruit, Great Harvest Cinnamon bread, scrambled eggs with dill, and hash browns.  My mom also made strawberry bellinis (strawberry puree with Champagne).  MMMMM good stuff!

Mark and Ashley had a flight out in the early afternoon so after getting ready and packing, it was time for everyone to head out.  Greg, Clyde, and I drove Mark and Ash to the airport.  Clyde likes checking things out when we're in the car!  I love it when his tongue hangs out.  So cute!

I was sad to see everyone go, but I promised to try and get up north to visit my bro sometime in the next couple months.  

I miss them already!


Anonymous said...

Piper definitely needs a snuggie. Clyde is too cute!!

Jen said...

I love that your mom put baby socks in your stocking. I would NOT be surprised if my mom did the same thing this year! ;)

Yay for a lululemon gift card and a stand mixer. You will love the mixer and wonder how you ever lived without it. Awesome gifts!

YUMMama said...

Clyde is too cute. Love his Snuggie. And no you're not the last foodie who doesn't have a stand mixer. I have yet to get one. Maybe, I'll put it on my birthday or baby shower wishlist. Until then it's mixing with the hand blender still.

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

Baby stockings in your stockings?! That's hilarious. If my mom was creative I'm sure she'd do the same thing ;)

Anonymous said...

What a fun Christmas! And don't worry, I don't have a stand mixer either. Don't have the space for it :-)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! I also received Lulu gift cards - 3 in total. How am I supposed to break my addiction when people keep feeding int? =-D

Enjoy your holidays!

Mimi said...

Wow, major praise for during a 16-miler in the sleet! Dedication!

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