Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FAIL, sorta

Howdy everyone!  A couple more days til Christmas huh?  I have to say that while I'm so happy my brother comes down before Christmas every year and we get a chance to celebrate with him, it makes actual Christmas sort of anti-climactic.  I'm running out of enthusiasm for a holiday I kind of already celebrated.

That said, I still needed to power through, muster up some Christmas spirit, and make cookies for my friends at work as I do every year. Monday night I made a couple batches of cookie dough, using my new Kitchen Aid mixer.  I was excited to try that baby out, even if my enthusiasm towards Christmas is waning a little.
I decided to make spice cookies and a batch of sugar cookies.  All appeared to go fine and I had two hunks of dough wrapped in wax paper tucked neatly in the fridge before heading off to bed that night.

Tuesday night I got home and got my gear on to run.  Checking the temperature on my way home, I noticed that it was pretty warm- about 50 degrees.  Sweet :)  Warmth at last!  I stretched and headed out the door.  All did not feel well though.  I didn't necessarily have any specific pain, but I felt like my legs were sort of out of juice and totally worn down.  They were sort of generally tired, sore, and fatigued and it never really went away.  I felt like they were saying, "Hey, we're kind of over all this running.  How about a break??"  I think I really need to do a good cross training or yoga workout tonight if I don't want to hate my next run and I want to get through my planned 20 miler this weekend.  I was hoping to do 6 miles, but I did 5 instead because my legs were just screaming at me that they were not into it and needed a break.

Back at la casa, I ate an unexciting dinner of leftover spaghetti topped with mozzarella and bruchetta dip as my "sauce", which was a little garlic-y for me.  That was kind of a fail, but since I had a lot to get done, I just downed it quick and moved on.

After dinner it was time for the cookie baking to ensue.  I got out my dough balls from Monday night and got to work on rolling my spice cookies in to balls and rolling them in sugar then putting them on a baking sheet and for baking.  Now, I have successfully made these cookies many, many times.  I even made them two different ways a couple months ago.  Funny story, my mom has had trouble with these cookies for years.  They are supposed to be that chewy, fluffy texture with the crackles and sugar on top.  Her's have been coming out like mounds of spice cookie dough and never really bake right and we've never been able to figure out why.  She's blamed living at sea level.  Mine are always fine.  Last night I think I solved that mystery.  I *think* chilling the dough is what kills them.  Usually I'm impatient in a hurry when I make these and just make the dough, roll it into balls, and then bake them, skipping the step that says to chill it.  Apparently my mom always chills her dough.  I called her laughing to tell her the mystery was solved and she now wants to try making them without chilling them to see if they come out right.  Unfortunately, my batch all came out crappy looking, and unfortunately, these were cookies I was to give as gifts at work!  Doh! 

Oh well, I spent all day telling this story to my co-workers as I handed them their cookie bags!  They still taste good, they just don't look all fluffy and pretty :(  At least the bags also included peanut butter chocolate fudge I made and some sugar cookies shaped like bunnies and dachshunds.

These are the rejects, I assure you the good ones made it to their intended recipients!

So Tuesday night was kind of a night of FAILS between my run, my dinner, and the spice cookies, BUT, looking on the bright side....
  • I still successfully completed 5 miles and realized that my body is telling me it needs more than running.
  • I ate a quick easy to assemble dinner that wasn't too terrible.
  • The cookies still tasted fine, even though they look like...  well, not what they are supposed to look like and at least I had others that came out good!
Glass half full people, glass half full!

What are your latest FAILS?


YUMMama said...

Getting to the mall to pickup some gift cards. I still have yet to make my way out there and Christmas will be here Saturday!!!

Tanya Kummerow said...

We all have sorta-failures! My most recent one was my long run last weekend...I'm not even sure I can sugar coat it with a sorta-fail, it was a down right failure. Tomorrow will be redemption however! 20 miles-I'm getting it over before the holiday! Wish me luck, and I will wish you luck and then it is all down hill from here and we can do lots of cross training and give our legs a break until the big race!

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