Monday, December 6, 2010

A Rough 19 Miles

My 19 mile run had its issues, but I got it done.

First, I awoke Sunday morning with a scratchy/sore throat.  Not much else felt off, so I decided I was doing the run.  I popped some non-drowsy cold meds hoping to keep the symptoms at bay.

Second, I checked the forecast and here was the hourly:

So basically I didn't have much hope of the temps getting much above 40 degrees during this run.  I knew it would be a chilly one!  I bundled up.  I wore Nike tights, a New Balance long sleeved tech shirt, Target half zip fleece, cheap Old Navy gloves, Nike running socks, and my old Asics.  I'm still having some issues breaking the new ones in and didn't want to have problems with them on the 19 mile run.

I had a (previously made, frozen) waffle with real maple syrup and piece of Dakota bread toast with PB and banana.  Like most avid runners, I'm a little sick of PB and banana on toast, so I mixed it up a little.

I headed off to meet Michelle at our usual running spot- the trail.  Once there, I got out my stuff and realized that my new handheld water bottle filled with half water, half Gatorade, had leaked all over the place in my backback!  Luckily my phone, Garmin, and electronics were in my purse and did not get wet.  A bunch of other stuff was soaked, but most of it was back-up stuff (socks, a hat, etc...), so it wasn't a huge deal.  I also noticed that my Garmin appeared to be on low battery.  Lovely.  Luckily Michelle had hers and it was fully charged. 

We talked strategy and decided we'd go out 3.5 miles on the road sidewalks and back to get in 7 miles before hitting the trail for the remaining 12 miles.  The first 7 went well.  The biggest issue was adjusting my nose to the cold (maybe because of my cold), and I found that I was getting kind of a runny nose for the first 3 miles or so, but once my temperature acclimated better, it seemed to stabilize.  Both of us felt like we'd dressed appropriately and the miles flew by as we talked about work and I told Michelle about a recent episode of Oprah with the Pamela Smart case (anyone else see that one??).  That case took place in NH (my home state) and I was surprised to learn more about it than I'd previously heard.  It was interesting.

On our return to the trail, I mentioned I might want to duck into McDonald's and use the bathroom and Michelle had to go too, so that ended up being a great decision.  The trail as a port-o-potty that might be the grossed I've ever seen, so I did NOT want to use it!

Back at the trail parking lot we fueled (I took a Vanilla GU and had some Gatorade), and strapped on our belts and gear for the next 12 miles.  I had brought extra water and Gatorade, so I was able to refill the water bottle that had leaked.

Pretty early on in the trail run, we both started feeling it.  I think it was only about 2 miles in when my familiar lower back pain/pressure snuck up on me again.  We pressed on though.  We stopped about twice on the way to the end of the trail to stretch.  My new water bottle continued to leak when I was running, which was kind of annoying.  It wasn't that different than carrying a small Gatorade bottle though, because they leak on me too and at least this bottle had a strap to go around my hand.

We reached the end of the trail just shy of 13 miles and stretched and fueled more.  I took a chocolate GU (YUM) and then we headed back out.  Around mile 15, I wanted to walk very briefly.  Walking actually felt as bad or maybe worse than running though, so it only lasted about 1/4 of a mile. 

Just before we hit 17 miles we saw Kelly and Brad coming towards us.  They too were out for their long runs! 

After the 17 mile marker, the last two miles were ROUGH.  I asked Michelle about people hitting the wall in a marathon, and now I feel like I kind of understand it better.  My low battery Garmin died at 17.9 miles and our time was 3 hours and 11 minutes at that point.  After mile 18, it was REALLY hard to go on and finish.  Everything hurt- my back, my legs, everything.  I didn't want to turn my head to look at anything- just stared straight ahead.  I felt whiny and tired.  We realized we were going to be just shy of 19 miles upon reaching the trail parking lot and I told Michelle I was fine with that, I didn't care if I reached 19 miles.  She insisted I was going to reach 19 and made me run out on the sidewalk until we did (it was like .02).  I did it, but goooooooooooooosh did it hurt! 

Here's me back at home, post 19  (I looked psyched, I know):

Clyde wanted in on the action.  Doesn't he look cute in his new sweater??

And here's my lunch, post 19, two mini pizzas:

Greg laughed when I got these out and said, "How many do you want?"  He didn't expect me to eat two.  I was like, "I just ran 19 miles, and I'm tired and hungry and these are easy to make!"

I foamed rolled, took a jacuzzi bath, and then put on lounge wear.  I had warned Greg that I would probably be kind of useless for the rest of the day, and I definitely was.  This 19 miles hit me a lot harder than 17 miles did last week.  I did not want to move.  I pretty much parked my butt on the couch and watched The Sex and The City movie, which I hadn't seen in a couple years since I saw it at the theater.  I also ate a big bowl of popcorn.

For dinner, I requested Chinese take-out.  I ordered won-ton soup, a spring roll, and vegetable delight with brown sauce and brown rice.

Mmmmmm good! 

Even though I'm kind of sick with a cold, and sore from the run, I did still feel like the marathon will be doable with another 5 weeks of training.  The cost goes up after today, so I bit the bullet and .....  REGISTERED!

26.2, here I come!


Cassie said...

Wow, 19 miles, you go girl!

I didn't hear about the Oprah episode about Pam Smart... I'll have to look around for it. She was the media person for my SAU and the boys that were involved went to Winnacunnet, my high school, but at the time that everything was going on, I was like in 4th grade.

Still to this day, when I say that I went to Winnacunnet High, they ask me if I knew Pam Smart... LOL

Jen (She said.She said.) said...

Way to go on registering! I'm living vicariously through you on the marathon front. I'm going to do a couple more halves before contemplating a full. You totally deserved two pizzas!

I hope you feel better!

RunningOnCoffee said...

Congrats on your 19!!
I ran in similar temps yesterday (it was about 36 + pretty windy at 3pm here in NJ) but I only ran 5.5 miles. I have the same issue with the runny nose while running in the cold. Not to mention getting used to breathing that cold air at the beginning! I did a lot of sniffling. I meant to bring a tissue along but forgot (I'm not sure it would have helped anyway).

You are brave for mixing vanilla gu + gatorade! sounds like a bad taste combo :) What kind of water bottle/bottle holder do you have? I have been looking into getting one, and overwhelmed by all the options. I was looking at the ~20oz bottle - the Ultimate Direction Fast Draw or Nathan QuickDraw Elite, but then I saw that Camelbak has a version with an insulated bottle (Podium Chill Jacket?)

Brittney said...

Thanks guys! @Runningoncoffee I actually eat the GU, THEN drink the gatorade/water mix. It's not bad. I got a $7-$8 dollar water bottle at Wal-Mart. I couldn't find it online to send you the link. I liked it because it's smaller than those really big ones, but it's definitely leaky. I guess you get what you pay for.

Ashley and Nate said...

Way to go on registering for that marathon... I'll live vicariously through you too. :)

I saw that Oprah that featured Pamela Smart, and I wasn't sure what to think. Her sentence seemed a little extreme... even the juror they interviewed sounded like they were shocked to hear that. Crazy.

After looking at your food pictures I'm starving! My husband and I were going to workout this afternoon, so I will probably have to wait to eat. Are there many options for things to eat before a run?? I would get sick of the same thing too.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! I found that anything over 17-18 miles would bring on the pain. But now you know you can do it :) whats another 6.2?!

Simply Life said...

Oh that take-out looks delicious!

JMay said...

Damn impressive! You are inspiring me to go running again! I ran the L.A. marathon like 4 years ago, I miss races! You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 19! (what a weird number ;) ) I'm sorry it was rough, but the point is you did it. Yay!

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