Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Years Eve Update

Glad you guys liked my 2010 post.  I feel like this was a really good year for me.  Kind of pivotal even in becoming more the person I am (to get all Oprah on you), if that makes sense.  I just felt pretty positive all year long and a little more fearless.  It reminded me more of the girl I was in my early 20s when I dove head first in to becoming a cop, moved across a few states without a second thought, and flew by the seat of my pants a little more.  I think when I got married, settled in, and was dealing with all the stress we have from Greg's furlough, I tended to go into my shell for a while.  I didn't really want to do anything else to rock our already tumultous boat, so I just kind of laid low.  This year I was done with that.  I threw caution to the wind and said I wasn't going to sit around and wait for things to improve, I was going to go out and make my own happiness and do things that were a little more risky.  It's been a total blast.

Anyway, back to this week.  I don't want 2010 to end on a negative note, but I want to update you on some running developments this week.  Wednesday night I decided to do another short training run, even though I usually don't run two nights in a row.  The reason I don't usually run two nights in a row (in case you are wondering what my deal is with that), is because I truly believe that in that one day off, my body does little things to repair itself and is ready to perform better on the next running day.  This week started to look a lot like last week though, in terms of when I would need to do my long run (I'll get into why in a second), and I realized if I wanted to do more than one short run this week, I'd have to do them back to back or not at all.  Therefore, Wednesday night I went out and got in 4.5 miles in 44:52 minutes. 

The run was ok.  At this stage in marathon training, it's hard to know what feels normal and what does not.  I feel all kinds of things when I'm running and after I run, and even in the days following a run.  I don't know that anything feels "normal" or "not normal" to me anymore.  It's kind of a big blur of sensations at this point.  But, at the same time, I do have one area that I've recently felt more pain and discomfort than other areas, and that's sort of my whole upper left leg socket where the leg meets the hip/groin.  Sometimes it feels like the IT band, and sometimes it feels like it's more in the front of my upper leg.  Anyway, it did bother me a little on the run.  I did my best to foam roll and stretch after, hoping it would help.  Yesterday at work, I noticed it was bothering me A LOT.  I'm worried this is more than just soreness/discomfort.  I promptly called Greenapple (my sports medicine people) and made an appointment for early next week. 

I also talked to Michelle (my marathon training buddy) about it, and she suggested I not run on it for a few days.  My training plan had me scheduled for a 12 mile run this weekend, which I'd planned on doing today.  I don't want to get off track, but I think this issue needs to be addressed.  At this point, I feel like the "injury" is not deal breaking.  If I had to, I could probably push through and get the marathon done right now.  But, ideally, I'd like to feel closer to 100 % injury free and I think right now that means I need to rest, ice, and see my doctor about this issue.  Therefore, I chose to not do my 12 mile run today.  I walked Clyde instead, and even that bothered me a little.  :( 

I kind of think that my hilly neighborhood running is part of the issue.  Even though my neighborhood is pretty small there are a lot of hills and I feel like that's bothered my leg going up and down so much on my runs. 
I also have struggled with breaking in my new Asics, STILL, after having them a couple months now.  For some reason they still don't feel that comfortable, even though I've tried to break them in and worn them on countless runs.  They just feel really stiff.  I'm thinking I may just run in my older pair for the rest of training in case the new shoes are part of the problem.

Anyway, I hope that it will be ok.  I've resolved not to freak out.

The reason I was putting pressure on myself to get in my two shorter runs earlier this week so that I could do my long run today, is because a few days ago, Greg and I decided that I would drive with him to Houston this weekend, since he is starting training back at Continental on Monday.  He wants to have our third car out there with him so he has a way to get around so he's opting to drive it out and I thought I would go too.  We are planning on driving to New Orleans for the night Saturday night, and I'm pretty psyched about it because I've never been! 

One thing I noticed when looking at 2010 in review was the lack of positive happenings involving Greg.  I think it's normal, since he's a pilot, that he's not there for some events, but another goal I have for 2011 is to try and create more special memories with him.  Why not kick of 2011 together with a little road trip?  Clyde is coming too!  The plan is to leave fairly early tomorrow (New Years day), drive to New Orleans, stay the night, explore some, then drive the rest of the way to Houston on Sunday.  On Monday Clyde and I are flying back to Charlotte. 

We're only going to be in New Orleans for one night and part of Sunday.  Cafe Du Monde has been suggested a lot.  Any other spots that are must sees that I can fit in in less than 24 hours??

So that's the plan.  Since we are leaving fairly early tomorrow, we've opted to not go out for New Years Eve tonight.  Waaaa waaaaa waaaa....  I know, we're boring. 

Other than running and prepping for this trip, I did get in one social outing this week.  Last night I met Diana, Nicole, and Katy for fro-yo at Yoforia last night, since Katy is in town for a few days.  She's planning on moving to Charlotte!  Yay!


Katy and Adam

Diana came a little late so I somehow missed getting a picture of her!  It was great to see the girls and meet Adam.  We had fun chatting it up.

I had a mix of pinapple, pomegranate, and taro fro-yo with fruit, mochi, and coconut on top:

Yuuuuuuuuuuum!  It's way too long since my last fro-yo outing, although, it did leave me shivering just a little since it's kinda cold out there!

Well, that's probably going to be it for 2010, and until later in the weekend, or maybe even after the weekend since I'm not sure how much time I'll have to blog while on the road and in the air.  Thank you all for reading about my year, and I'll see you guys next week in 2011!!!  :)



Anonymous said...

Oh no about your leg! I'll bet you'll be fine though. And I totally hear you on the not know what's normal and what's not in the heat of marathon training. I promise, once it's over and you resume normal running, you'll feel so much better.

I had a weird pain on the upper part of my leg for a couple weeks during marathon training. I did some PT and only did easy runs for a week and then I was fine. I hope you heal just as quickly!

Have a safe trip to NOLA and Houston! Happy 2011 :)

Amber said...

With only one week until my big race, I'm second guessing every little ache and pain...and I'm trying out a new pair of shoes after a month in a different're not alone!

Tanya Kummerow said...

I'm sorry to hear about your leg. Rest is absolutely the right answer. You are doing the right thing! I feel exactly the same about not being able to decipher injury from normal running pain anymore. My body is in a weird place right now and I'm ready for a break after this...but just a few more weeks to go! You can do it!

Ashley and Nate said...

Great news that Greg is on his way to training... so nice to hear about pilots being recalled and not furloughed! :) Enjoy your road trip together. Sounds like a nice way to spend a few days together.

Jen said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are having a strange pain in your leg. Fingers crossed that it's just something minor that needs to rest.

Can't WAIT to hear about New Orleans. Congrats to Greg and I love your goal to make more couple memories together in 2011! :)

Molly said...

ugh, hope your leg is feeling better by now, Happy New Year!!! : )

Liz said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your leg. I think it is always smarter to take some time off and see a doctor, rather than checking off a training run.
Have a great trip! :)

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