Sunday, December 19, 2010

Running In Sleet and an Italian Feast

Saturday morning began with my hyper dog waking me up like a kid on Christmas morning because he remembered all of his favorite people were at my house and he could play with anyone of them!  I groggily resisted waking up but finally caved and went downstairs with him.  I tried to wake myself and started eating my ritual PB and banana on toast.  Oh yeah, I had to run 16 miles!

Ashley had graciously offered to do 5 miles with me and I happily took her up on it.  The less of a long run I have to do alone the better!  I checked the weather forecast and it wasn't looking good.  Rain after noon and pretty cold conditions.  I got my butt in gear hoping to bust out the miles before it got ugly. 

I've perfected a loop that adds up exactly to 5 miles near my house so Ashley and I set out and got that done first.  The weather was cold and overcast but not too terrible.  We had a great chat and it went by fairly easily and quick to me.  I dropped her back at the house, gulped down some water, Gatorade, and a GU, then headed back out with my Go Belt, headphones, and a water bottle to get in the next 11 miles. 

It wasn't long before I was feeling droplets.  Blah!  I kept going though, hoping it wouldn't really materialize.  Then I realized it was more than just droplets, it was actually SLEETING!

I ran by a bank with a temperature reading at one point and it was only 36 degrees!  I was wet and cold and getting pelted with sleet.  Fun!  Why did I sign up for this again???  Oh yeah, 26.2, 26.2, 26.2.... 

I kept on going, watching the conditions turn from rain, to sleet, to snow, and back to rain.  I wish I could say I felt like this...

But it was pretty miserable for most of that 11 miles.  I actually got back into my neighborhood and did a few extra turns, but was only at 15.57 miles by the time I got to my house and did not have the heart (or feeling in my feet) to keep going to get in my planned 16 miles with my the lure of my warm, dry house in front of me.  I called it a day at 15.57 and I'll take it.  I feel like the cold, sleet, snow, and rain counted for something and that last .33 miles could shove it. 

I definitely took a warm bath after that run and it was hours before I got my normal strength back.  My family kept asking if I was ok because I was kind of tired and out of it for a while.  I was okay, but I was wiped! 

We had a lunch of leftover food from the night before, chili, and random stuff in my fridge.  Also, my husband finally arrived home to join in the fun!

After lunch, an intense game of Apples to Apples ensued...

I came very close to winning, but my mom beat me by ONE card!  Next year mom, next year!

Then we got all dolled up and went out for dinner at Dolce in Dilworth.  I have heard great things about this restaurant but had yet to try it.  We all like Italian food so we figured we'd give it a try.

Two Super Tuscan reds were consumed by the six of us.  SO GOOD :)

(kinda grainy pic, sorry!)

We started with bread served with a white bean dip (kind of like a salsa almost) and an order of stuffed mushrooms.

Greg and I also split a side salad.

My mom and I split two entrees; the Canneloni and the Shrimp Scampi.  Both were great but the Canneloni definitely stood out!  The shells were kind of crispy and the ricotta and spinach were so creamy and good.  MMMMMM :)

I also tried Ashley's tilapia, my brother's fresh pappardelle pasta, and my dad's traditional spaghetti (Greg had the canneloni too, so I didn't need to try his).  Everything was delicious.  My family does not often get dessert out (especially when we have 3,000 Christmas cookies at home), but when the waiter started telling us how good their tiramisu and chocolate torte were, we were sold and had to try them.  Six forks with those please!

Both were glorious, but this may have been the most delicious tiramisu I have ever tasted.  I could not pull my fork away!! 

A great time was had by all!  I highly recommend Dolce if you live in Charlotte and are looking for great Italian. 
I was totally exhausted and promptly passed out upon arrival home after my run and all the family festivities. 


Molly said...

the meal looks amazing! I keep seeing that apples to apples game, I might have to go and get that one!

Anonymous said...

I loooove Apples to Apples! It's the best after a couple of glasses of wine :-)

Congrats on your run!

Anonymous said...

Running in sleet sounds awful. I don't mind rain or even snow but sleet, yikes. Way to get it done!

The super tuscan sounds fabulous. My kind of meal!

Runblondie26 said...

I'm love the cold, but you can keep the wet part. Way to get it done! You should have no problem on the 15th.

That meal looks like it was crazy good.

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

YUM! I went to Dolce one time when I lived in the heart of Charlotte and lovedddd it. It had a great deal going for restaurant week :)

Kelly said...

Looks like you're having fun with your family! It was actually snowing in Charlotte. The snowflakes were huge! Some were the size of silver dollars.

Jen said...

You are becoming such a hardcore runner Brittney! You are going to kick marathon ass! :)

I love Apples to Apples. Fun game. I haven't tried Dolce yet - looks great!

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