Friday, October 23, 2009

A few things that made me happy today

I love these spoof Motivational Posters.... SO DAMN FUNNY!
-Today is FRIDAY!
-The hazelnut coffee I had this morning.
-I like the blue top I have on.
-The Damnwells new album is down loadable free and I listened to it all day at work today.
-The Milano cookies I ate this afternoon.
-That I am going to DSW on my way home tonight (I have a pair of shoes I bought that I think are too big and will look for some thing else to exchange them for).
-I finished an annual report at work today that is a huge pain in the butt and won't have to deal with it again til next year.
-My brother emailed me that he and his wife booked their tickets to come here for a weekend in December which will serve as my family's holiday weekend this year- always a great time!


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