Monday, October 5, 2009

Uncorked and other happenings

I managed to have a good weekend despite Greg not coming home.
The wine festival was so much fun. I think it'll become an annual event. My friends met up at The Original Pancake House for some chow before hand. That was my first time there and I did really like the pancakes. They have a million different kinds, but I just went with the plain to start with. I do want to try some of the others though. I'll have to return with Greg. After brunch we spent a long time at the festival trying out the wines and hanging out. It was all NC wineries so most of the wine was of the sweeter variety and some Mucadines. In general most were not very successful when it came to dry Cabernets and things of that variety. I got a bottle of a really refreshing Green Apple wine to share when Greg if/when he ever comes home.
Yesterday I did a run around my neighborhood with a girl from my running group. I also got my first pumpkin spice latte of the year from Starbucks after. YUM! In the afternoon I made chili and watched some movies and TIVOd stuff (had to catch up on Project Runway!).
Last week a guy in my office brought in a truck load of different hot peppers grown in his garden. I was determined to use them all in my chili. I also used used ground turkey instead of my usual ground beef. I have to say I think the turkey left something to be desired in terms of flavor. I was also making a three bean chili and I'm kinda thinking that the pinto beans muted some of the flavors too, so I think I'll omit them next time and just go with black beans and red beans. Usually my best batches of chili are the ones I try the least hardest to make when I'm just throwing whatever I have in there.
It's been 16 days now since I last saw Greg. He spent the weekend in Indianapolis. It actually worked out pretty good for him because his parents were in Indiana for some reunion/family activities anyway, so a good chunk of his family met up and hung out for some of the weekend. His dad even slept in the truck with him (on the top bunk). I figured it was the next best thing for him than coming home. I'm glad they were there to hang out with him and distract him. Even though he put in his two weeks notice, I imagine that had he been alone all weekend he would have gotten kinda depressed. I'm hoping he finds a better job. A friend of mine (from running group) offered to try and get his resume looked at by his company recently and he was calling Greg to talk to him about it last night, so that could be promising. He also applied for a police dept job a while back and a friend that works there in HR has been helping that along and thought they might start interviewing this week or next. I keep looking for jobs for him to apply for and occasionally find something. I just hope something pans out.
I love this fall weather. It's rainy and only about 60 degrees out today. I like it :)


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