Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend recap

So I think I'm getting sick. I can't breathe through my nose right now. I've taken two different kinds of cold meds, and nothing seems to be working. Rrrrrr. At first I thought it was just allergies, and it still may be, but I kinda feel worse now. Ick!
The weekend was pretty good. We stayed in Friday night. Caught up on some TIVO and watched stuff on TV. Pretty low key night. Saturday we spent allllllll day cleaning the house as we were having some friends over for dinner and the house really needed to be cleaned. Miraculously, we really didn't fight during the cleaning process. My friends arrived at the scheduled time and I finished cooking the herbed turkey, mushroom risotto, sweet potatoes, and green beans with almonds. Everything came out really good, I was psyched. I did feel that I was distracted from hanging out with everyone while cooking, but otherwise it was fun. For dessert we used our chocolate fountain. Gib brought over dippers. It was a big hit. We did our usual entertaining routine of breaking out some South Park DVDs and watching a few episodes after all the food was eaten.

Sunday our only planned event was to visit some friends that recently had a baby. I had gotten them two towels with fishies on them that the registered for, a baby girl outfit that was striped white and purple with a hat and bib, and a book with ideas of how to get your baby to laugh. We went over around 3 and stayed an hour or two. I held the baby (Emma) for quite a while. Wow, she is cute. I want one.
I whipped up some really good turkey tetrazini for dinner last night using the leftover turkey and some mushrooms. Yum! We are also working on a Costco pumpkin pie. Wow, those are so good. I think we went through about 4 of them last year. They are like $6, and so yummy!
In other news, Greg is really enjoying his time off. He's actually hoping he doesn't have to start the van driver job til later this week. Yesterday when I got up I turned on the TV and saw that there was a shooting/murder at the hotel (in the parking lot) where he's supposed to work, on Saturday night. LOVELY! I woke him up to tell him and we ended up pulling up all the news stories about it online. He really knows how to pick jobs...


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