Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ups and Downs

I had a three day weekend with the Columbus Day holiday, which was much needed. I actually really need an extended vacation, but don't think I'm going to get one anytime soon.
Thursday night with my mom was great. We went to an Asian place in my neighborhood with great food. We split some sushi (more of those Hissho rolls) and my favorite entree there, which is the chicken with mixed vegetables in the white wine sauce. SO GOOD! We ate outside and it was gorgeous out. One of the nearby restaurants had live music outside, so we could hear it a little bit from our location. Lovely evening!I drove my mom to the airport for her flight on my way into work on Friday.
Sunday afternoon I picked her up and we had dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse that night. She stayed over since we were both off yesterday and we did a little shopping before she went back home. Specifically to Babies R' Us for a baby gift, DSW where I did get a cute pair of casual shoes, Kohls (my mom had NEVER been- hello???), and Trader Joes. We also hit Qdoba for lunch, yum!
Greg actually made it home for the first time in quite a few weekends on Friday night. We actually spent Saturday doing pretty much absolutely nothing. We didn't leave the house all day, and it was pretty great. We considered using a gift card we had and going to Olive Garden for dinner Saturday night, but decided to stay in and I made us mushroom ravioli, asparagus cannelloni, and broccoli for dinner instead. I felt like it rivaled what we might have gotten at Olive Garden, minus the salad and breadsticks. We caught up on TIVO, mostly episodes of The Office I had been saving to watch with Greg.
Sunday, he had to go back out on the road, but not until about 6pm, so we still had some time together that day. We had also determined that a US Postal Service job he was in the process for needed him to do an online test and then an in-person test by this Wednesday, so he ended up telling his truck company that his last day would have to be today instead of Thursday. So, today is his last day. I'm going after work to pick him up.
In addition to the Postal test tomorrow, he also got a few other pieces of job related news.
1)Our friend Brad had submitted his resume to his company recruiter for a possible programming job for Greg. The recruiter contacted him yesterday and Greg said he didn't think their conversation went too well. He didn't feel that she thought he had enough experience to work there. So that sucks.
2)Greg finally heard back from the hotel about the van driver job. He starts Thursday. The job is pretty low pay, but it's something. I'm glad he's got something to go to since he's ending the truck driving. We'll see how that goes...


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