Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy week!

It's definitely been a busy week. On the nights I've been home I've crammed a lot in. Earlier in the week we did a big grocery run and got yummy Donatos pizza on the way home for dinner. Wednesday night I came home and we went for a walk around the neighborhood. It's been a really nice fall week here. The weather has been warm enough, but cool enough too- perfect fall temperature. When we got home we FINALLY put our Halloween stuff up. This year we decided to do purple lights around the pillars (candy cane style) on our porch with green skeleton lights across the entry. It looks cool. I then started planning a costume idea for my running group. They do the usual 4 mile run but most people run in costume. I didn't want to spend a lot or go too nuts, so I ended up borrowing some of Greg's pilot stuff and going as Chesley Sullenberger, the US Air Capt that landed in the Hudson. Greg got pretty into it. He got the shirt all decked out and even made me an ID with Sully's picture photo shopped in. Pretty cool. While getting the costume ready, I also made my potato cheese soup for dinner, a fall staple at our house. THEN, we went on to carve pumpkins that night, while keeping our annual tradition of watching Halloween South Park episodes. Our favorite is "Hell on Earth", which came out a couple years ago. It makes fun of those MTV Sweet Sixteen shows where the girls are spoiled brats and demand ridiculous things for their party, except in the South Park episode it's the Devil's Halloween Party, and he's the spoiled brat demanding everything. It's hilarious. I carved a scary face on my pumpkin, which is pretty much what I do every year. Greg only got as far as cutting the top off his pumpkin and scooping out the seeds. He still has yet to actually CARVE it. He usually does something really elaborate, so he's still throwing ideas around. I baked the pumpkin seeds with olive oil butter and salt after extracting them. Yummy!
The Halloween run was fun. I haven't run a lot lately. I'm still kinda off the wagon with running and not where I was a couple weeks ago with consistent longer runs. When I started the run, I quickly discovered two things. 1) I should have left the pilot hat in my car. It was too big and got REALLY hot and uncomfortable. I ended up taking it off and having to run holding it after about 1/2 a mile. 2) I didn't feel like doing all 4 miles last night. The shirt and tie were also getting uncomfortable and I just wanted to do about 3 miles. I had been toying with the idea of doing a short cut on the run for a while on a few of the nights when it felt like 4 would be pushing it, but never mapped it out and didn't want to get lost in the unfamiliar area. Last night I went ahead and took a chance and took a detour feeling like I knew the general direction I wanted to head. It worked out great and I think I shaved about a mile off the run, so I did about 3. Good to know for future nights when I'm feeling lazy! There were some creative costumes donned by my fellow runners. One guy was the most hideously dressed cross dresser I've probably ever seen. He had on some kind of icky sports bra stuffed, a mini skirt, fish nets, and a long black-haired wig with some make up on. Very scary! One guy dressed as the Bubble Boy and did a whole plastic bubble. I think he even ran in it for a while. I would have suffocated. There was one dude dressed as Wendy- as in Wendy's fast food restaurant. Another dude had scratch marks all over him, torn clothes, and like 5 stuffed cats affixed to his outfit- thus he had been attacked by cats. Entertaining stuff. Greg came and met us there. I enjoyed a nice Pumpkin Ale while cooling down. Greg was really excited about my pilot outfit. It was pretty funny :)


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