Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love my husband

I finally got to see Greg last night! He's gone again though. It worked out that he was driving through Charlotte on his way to somewhere else in NC and timed it so that he could park and get home for the night. Short visit though. I picked up around 9:30pm and then drove him back to the truck before I went to work today. We're not sure if he'll get to come home or not this weekend. At least there's only one week left of this. His last day is a week from today- next Thursday. It was great having him home, even for just a short while though. I look forward to having him home more soon, the house is really lonely with him gone. I enjoy cooking for the two of us and having him right there to tell him something instead of having to pick up the phone to tell him. We think a lot alike and not that this is new to me, but since he's been gone 2 1/2 weeks, I noticed even more this morning when he said something insightful that I agreed with and it validated how right for each other we are. I love that we're on the same page about most things. It makes me happy.

My mom is coming up tonight. She's flying to NJ for her high school reunion tomorrow but is flying out of CLT. I have to figure out what where we should go to dinner tonight. Probably just in my neighborhood to one of the local eateries. We've got a good Asian place and a good pub. She's been to both though, so I'm tempted to take her somewhere new, but that will require driving further out. We'll see. She'll be back Sunday and staying over into Monday too (we both have it off for Columbus Day), so I'll have another chance to do something with her then.

Two people I know had babies this week. My good friend in NH that I went to the baby shower for in August and this guy I work with's wife (Greg and I hang out with them). Busy week for babies! Both are girls too. Makes me a little sad that Greg and I still aren't there yet, but I hold onto hope that the right time will come when he's back on track. *Sigh*


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