Friday, October 16, 2009

It's been a rainy week here. I actually like it though. To me, the south is much too hot and sunny all the time. It's not that I don't like hot and sunny weather, but I like some variety. Sometimes you just need a good rainy day to wallow in the melancholy, you know? Plus, I am definitely ready for cooler fall weather. Anyhow, I was on the fence most of the day yesterday trying to decide if I wanted to do the Thursday night run or not. In the end I decided to go, because I missed last week when my mom was here, and because I tracked the weather and saw that it was not supposed to rain during the hours around run time. Plus, I wanted to go for the social aspects. The drinking and hanging out after the run usually makes it worth while. There are a few people I hadn't seen in a week or two that I like catching up with each week. I even convinced Greg to come, although he didn't run. He broke his foot a couple years ago and it never healed right. Being the typical pilot that he is, he refused to go the doctor and try and get the thing really fixed. He also skinned his knee while tarping the truck last week and has a nasty sore scab on his knee, so him running was not going to happen. He did come and meet us post-run for a beer though and I think he had a good time. Greg can take or leave social things. For me it's a necessary thing that fuels my being (I've realized). Greg is happy at home or can be happy out, but sometimes needs coaxing. I ended up staying with my friend Sarah for the run and we really probably only ran about a mile and then walked about two. She is recovering from a cold, and since I haven't run much in week or two, I figured it'd be pushing my luck to successfully do a full 4-mile run this week. It worked good so Sarah and I could talk, but we ended up getting in a lot later than most of the group and Greg, Gibson, and Kelly were standing outside the store waiting for us when we finally rolled in a good 25 minutes after everyone else. Ooops.
So ready for the weekend today. I need to hit the grocery store on my way home today for items for tomorrow night's dinner party. I'm planning on making a turkey breast stuffed with herbs, mushroom risotto, and green beans with almonds. I'm debating about another dish or not. Maybe sweet potatoes. I think we're breaking out the chocolate fondue fountain for dessert. Should be interesting.


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