Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Christmasy

Yesterday Greg and I decorated for Christmas. It's probably the earliest we've ever done it. It was about 70 degrees out and sunny so we figured that the weather wouldn't get any better for putting up Christmas lights than that and we might as well take advantage of it. Last year we switched out our old icicle lights for LEDs and the new ones have more of a bright white/blueish hue. They are very bright and we both crack up at the fact that when you pass by the front door it looks like it's "daylight" outside. Anyway, Greg got them hung while I helped by holding the ladder. He also cleaned out the front gutters while up there.
Later, Greg brought up all the inside Christmas stuff and we went ahead and put up our tree. We have a fake tree. Growing up in NH we always had a real tree. I love the smell of the pine and still miss that, but it's cheaper and a hell of a lot easier to just do the fake tree. I have a pine scented candle that I sometimes put over near the tree for that piney smell.
I am a complete ornament hound. I LOVE Christmas ornaments. My mom started giving me new ornaments every year from the time I was little and when I left home I got to take my set. It's steadily grown to the point that it's pretty out of control and I can easily decorate the entire tree, including the back without much free space. I like to put all my favorites near the top. My absolute favorite is this miniature wooden violin. I also like this red ceramic boot with a Christmas tree coming out of it that I got when I was in Boston with my parents at Christmas time one year. Greg has like 10 plane/pilot Christmas ornaments that my mom and I have gotten him over the years. We also have a "first year married" one from 2006 when we got married. We have the four South Park kids. We have two from the neighborhood we lived in our first two Christmas's together. We have a Starbucks cup and a red wine bottle. We have a bunch from different places we've been: a margarita from Wilmington, NC, a shell from Hilton Head, and a Chatham, Ma bandstand ornament. My tree doesn't really have a theme. I would say it's mostly red/green/silver, but there's tons of eclectic stuff on it. Greg tells me every year that I'm cut off, but I can't help but still want to keep getting a few new ones every year. While decorating the tree we watched "Christmas Vacation" and drank cocoa. It was quite festive.


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